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  1. cayenneman

    fermenting Yeast or Mold

    Help a brother out. Does this look like yeast or mold in my mash. Also how to handle it wether its one or the other. Thanks.
  2. cayenneman

    fermenting Mold, Yeast or ???

    Just saw this today. The pics aren't the best but can anyone tell what this is on top of my mash?
  3. cayenneman

    fermenting Started my first ever ferment today.

    I started my first ferment today. I'm gonna list my process and please tell me if I'm okay or if I did something wrong. I did a brine of distilled water with a 3.6% sea salt content. I de-stemmed Thai peppers and cayennes (keeping them separate) and pulsed them in the food processor to make a...
  4. cayenneman

    fermenting Can you ferment thawed peppers?

    If so do I need to treat them differently than fresh? I have gallon bags of pepper in the freezer that have been coming off at different times. Thanks.
  5. cayenneman

    harvesting Advice for unripened peppers at the end of the season.

    I have 4 cayenne and 4 tabasco pepper plants that are still full of peppers that aren't ripe yet. The weather is starting to get cool here in Kentucky and I'm afraid a hard frost is gonna hit before they are ripened and harvested. Any advice on how to handle this?
  6. cayenneman

    fermenting Advice on fermented sauce.

    So while I'm not new to hot sauce making, I've never made a fermented sauce yet. I was wondering if anyone can give advice? Off the top of my head, I have a few questions; 1. Does fermenting make a significant difference in flavor over a regular vinegar hot sauce? 2. What is the sweet...
  7. cayenneman

    preservation Jamaican Gravy Question

    A few years back I saw Andrew Zimmern with a Phillipino family in the Caribbean and they had a hot sauce called Jamaican Gravy. This is basically the recipe; 2 TBSP allspice berries 2 cups habanero peppers, whole ~1/2 cup Sugar/honey to taste 6 Cloves Garlic 2 shallots (Stuff'em Bigboy) 20...
  8. cayenneman

    Questions about hot sauce storage.

    So I typically make sauces with peppers, maybe carrots, onions and garlic, and vinegar.  I always try to keep my ph below 4.  Closer to 3.5 so they are shelf stable.  So Im wanting to broaden my horizons maybe and start using some different ingredients.  Some recipes Im reading are using fruit...
  9. cayenneman

    Shelf life question

    Ok so I made several sauces last year that contain peppers, carrots, onions, garlic and vinegar. I have a digital ph meter and all were at least 4 ph before I put them in sterile woozies. I didnt boil for 20 minutes as Ive just read People saying should be done but they were hot and were...
  10. cayenneman

    pH Tester Recommendations Please.

    I want to order a good pH tester that can test at high temps from Amazon.  Can anyone share an idea or even better a link to one from Amazon for me?  I looked at the models and descriptions but it is confusing to me.  Someone mentioned a TDS-3.  Are all TDS-3's listed on amazon pH meters that...
  11. cayenneman

    Woozy Bottle Questions

    So I made my first batch of Jalapeño hot sauce this weekend and it turned out great!  Just wondering a couple questions; 1.  Can you sterilize woozies several days before filling them and keep them sterile? 2.  Does anyone have a source for 5oz woozies cheaper than Amazon?  I paid roughly $1.33...
  12. cayenneman

    Questions on sauce storage.

    Hey all.  New to the forum here so if I ask a question thats been asked a thousand times I apologize.  You can redirect me to the proper thread.  Anyway, I have some 5oz woozy bottles with shakers and plastic lids.  I wanted to make some pepper jalapeño and habanero pepper sauces with some...