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    health Flowers falling from plants (carolina+habanero)

    hello boys, got a little issue with my few plants. The flowers keep falling ! i read somewhere that might be caused by overwatering. Can anyone confirm this ? If so, how much water should i use for each pot ? from time to time (maybe twice a week i use fertilizer) Also any recommendation is...
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    My carolina's reaper plants difficulties...

    Hello everyone !!!   I'm having some trouble with my plants I have ordered from   I'm pretty sure it's because of my inexperience...   Well, I have started from the seeds in january this year and the plants are still very small... I live in Geneva so the weather is not so...
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    Productive plant

    Hello,   I was wondering what species was the most productive in peppers production ? I mean, if there is one that is known to give a lots of fruits. and easy to make it grow...     See ya boys
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    Trinidad Scorpion Moruga ?!? bought on Ebay

    Hello everyone.   I've bought these from :     The thing is that they don't appear to be similar to the pictures I've found on internet. Could someone post a clear pic of a trinidad moruga...