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  1. J

    Word game

    So I play this game on my hombres forum and its pretty fun and never ends! Lets see of we can keep it going. Easy rules you just use one of the two words to make another one. Example- hot pepper. Then the next person could write ghost pepper. Any word works! I will start it off. Hot Pepper
  2. J

    lighting Grow lights!

    So im new to indoor growing! I have my grow box and what not. Now here's the question. How many watts should I be pushing? Is there a watt to plant ratio? Any other certain forms of light I need? Right now I just have a 65 watt grow light. Cheers!
  3. J

    Peppers and asthma

    So quick question. Anyone out there with asthma that are eating 1million+ peppers? I take a preventive steroid daily and rarely use my inhaler(2-3 times a week) wondering if my super hots would be ok for me to eat or make the death of me. Cheers
  4. J

    Hello from Ky

    Hello all, looking forward to overloading myself with info! I recently got hooked on super hots when I had a scorpion Trinidad! I've harvested seeds from them. Also grow your ordinary peppers as well! Just ordered myself 2 reapers, 2 7 pot douglah, and 2 naga morich. These will be indoor threw...