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  1. ScottsBonnet

    overwintering Bonchi from last year

    I've tried three different over-wintering methods, each beginning in mid-October when our rainy cold season starts here in the Pacific NW. 1) Trim the plant down a little, but keep it in soil. Put it in a window that gets appropriate sun. The negatives are that the plants are difficult to move...
  2. ScottsBonnet

    pod Supposed to be Cubanelle. Cajun Belle?

    The plant on the right is a mystery.  The starter was labelled 'Cubanelle', but the other Cubanelle I bought really is a Cubanelle, and this is not.  For reference, the plant to the left is a Scotch Bonnet.  The faux Cubanelles vary in heat (some are medium+ hot while others have almost no...
  3. ScottsBonnet

    Hi from Tacoma, WA

    Just located your forum while searching for information about my 'mystery' pepper plants.  This is my second year of gardening and I have expanded my pepper growing because I was unable to find Scotch Bonnets last year and instead made sauce from habaneros.  Turned out okay, but not the same.  I...