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    Is this a joke? Ill turn my whole yard into a Charapita patch

    Perhaps covering the flowerpot with fabric mulch (to exclude soil/soil-less media), then giving the plant a good shaking above another larger spread of cloth might cause all the fully ripened (thus, best-flavored) fruits to drop -- I understand that fully ripened wild-strain Capsicum chinense...
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    New Chili Head here in Toronto!

    Welcome to THP. Check out the "Vendor's Vault" sub-forum to find good reputable seed/plant merchandise, as well as fresh and dried peppers... ...then go to these merchants' websites, and just goggle glassy-eyed at all the crazy varieties you can grow !! The colors, weird shapes, and...
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    One of my favourites - CGN 23255

    Bump.... It's easy for a wallflower like me to nudge a good thespian stagewards when i shy from the limelight myself... ...bu-u-u-ut, this isn't about morality or personal ethics, Nigel, it's about CGN 23255, and the possibility that we can persuade you to give us a review of this pepper. Any...
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    chinense White Habanero

    Therd are 4 white habs i am aware of: Peruvian White Habs are very compact, bushy, produce early, and have the smallest fruit. One accquaintance who's tasted the said they're quite hot (for a hab), and have a bitter taste. Yucatan habs are also hotter than most habs,. There is a review of this...
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    Stop Hot Butt

    I have laughed at this thread helplessly -- i think i lost my sanity at about the point where lost childhood toys were re-discovered -- nostalgia is such a joy!! In all seriousness, when you use peppers to cope with excessively warm climate -- or certain medical conditions -- it is sometimes...
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    powder-flake I review Joyner's cappuccino ghost powder via my sinus

       Stop it! Just stop it! Any more of this kinda talk, and i'm gonna get talked into something i might regret !
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    powder-flake I review Joyner's cappuccino ghost powder via my sinus

    I don't understand: -- is "grammer" grammar? -- is "verses" versus? I haven't understood this post, or anything posted since. Dudes, if you can't explain this, i gotta call my doctor... this thread has suddenly got confusing, and i'm beginning to fear i may be experiencing my very first...
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    powder-flake I review Joyner's cappuccino ghost powder via my sinus

    Hah!!! This thread is never EVER gonna die-!!!!!!!!! Hogleg, you are the monument to monumental insanity... i don't think i could top what you have done -- not even with the help of a team of maniacs freshly busted out of an asylum. (I'm saying this with sincere admiration, just in case that...
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    chinense Scotch Bonnet Haiti Red Review

    If you think that it would go good with fish, why not put a fresh pepper in a 'tea-ball' style of tea strainer (perhaps chopping or crimping it to fit), and cooked it in a pot with chowder ingredients. you could remove the tea-ball when a series of test-tastes indicated that enough heat and...
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    Mexican Wilds - Need some help.

    i think the "g" must be a "y"... so maybe i've helped solve one letter for you. Wish i spoke Spanish. If you photograph the handwritten labels and post them,, as rghm 1u20 suggests, and a few members fluent in Spanish see them, this could be solved quickly. Sounds like this could be a fun...
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    One of my favourites - CGN 23255

    ...So, will there be a review of this pod sometime in the future, Nigel...?
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    Idiot puts his C**k into insanely hot Naga Morich sauce

    This could ruin anyone's appreciation for all of pepperdom... ...aaaannnnd Greek yogurt... and maybe eggplant, too. ESPECIALLY cartoon ones....!! Heck, if i was the type to fancy a fetish fer mannequins, i might even lose any interest i tha-a-a-at !!
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    chinense Orange Habanero Review

    Cool and wet (ie.: overwatered) plants are vulnerable to a few diseases -- mostly, but not exclusively, root-rots of several types. The main reason hobbyist gardeners in more temperate climates cut back plants for overwintering is to make them small enough to fit indoors. The cut wounds can...
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    chinense Orange Habanero Review

    You'll taste quite a difference-!! Try an MOA Scotch Bonnet or even a superhot as tasty as a 7-Pot Jonah (i poach a dried Jonah in my soup just about every other day) and see how goo-oo-ood it tastes... ...the 7-Pot Jonah, by the way, has become a pre-requisite flavor in a pot of chili...
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    chinense Orange Habanero Review

    The saddest cut of all, at least, in my country's grocery stores, is the fact that the only Capsicum chinense fruit -- and the only appreciably hot pepper -- is so sadly mis-represented by the orange hab: although it has a heat comparable to a Scotch Bonnet or a Genuine Habanero, it has a...
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    chinense Orange Habanero Review

    I remember once eating a habanero. Then, while swallowing it, i coughed -- and somehow cough/sneezed my sinuses full of habanero juice and pulp !!! I made the strangest sounds for a while... ouch. Somehow, this review brings back that memory. Yeah, they're hot. Some Habanero strains have much...
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    chinense White Habanero Review

    i coulda merely liked this... but i hadda quote it. Nice to know that you're spreading the seed of hard-to-find land-race strains to others... i had to order from a firm in Europe ( to be certain it was the Yucatan strain. Thank you, man... it's nice to know that somebody will...
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    chinense White Habanero Review

    This is an interesting point... years ago, Yucatan White Habaneros had a reputation for poor germination rates... the most likely hypothesis ventured suggested that the fruits weren't fully ripe when harvested for seed. Just speculating here : with a white-as-matured-fruit color, it may be...
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    chinense White Habanero Review

    Both dairy-based and fat/oil-saturated foodstuffs absorb capsaicinoids... and fatty dairy-based foods are quite effective if eaten within 20 minutes before ingesting something as hot as a white habanero. I understand that a Yucatan White Habanero can rate something like a 400,000 SHU, and your...
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    Aji Limon

    A post made over a year ago mentioned this strain -- a Capsicum chinense from Peru, apparently one of the higher-altitude habitats -- as one of the fastest-maturing strains of C. chinense. There's also a C. baccatum with a similar name, and an entire thread somewhere on this forum that clarifies...