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    container Is my jalapenos small because how much space it has to grow?

    So a while back i noticed my jalapenos were growing to a small size. I tried changing fertilizer,adding firtilizer,ect. i kept trying all these remedies and methods and nothing worked. my oldest jalapeno needed transfering and the only pot that was left was a super huge one. so i planted it...
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    flavor Favorite varieties with lots of flavor? Looking to start growing again

    If youre looking for flavor without spice go with the bell pepper. But not any, go with the lady bell pepper. you can eat it at all stages of ripening and it has a sweetness to it. this is my favorate pepper. you can also go with the bannana pepper. it is super sweet, they are good when...
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    disease Distinct brown markings spreading through Peppers/ Massive leaf drop

    this is a bactierial infection caused by xanthomonas campestris. it is one of the most destructive diseases for pepper plants. this disease is most comonly found in the eastern part of america. it is a rod-shaped bactiria can live in not just the plant but the brush and the seed for years...
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    Hi evryone

    Hi every one