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  1. Jwilson

    for-sale Reapers/Chocolate Bhutlahs FS

    I have an extra 20 reapers and 5 chocolate bhutlahs available if anyone is interested. they were picked today 8/26/21 @ 2pm EST Pm me if interested, thanks!
  2. Jwilson

    Fresh Pods Variety - 16$ SFRB

    Yellow Brains, Red Brains, Apocalypse, Reapers, Red Morugas, Jay's Peach Ghost Scorps, Chocolate Morugas, Chocolate BBG,   Still have tons on plants ready to be picked.  
  3. Jwilson

    wanted Looking to buy Fresh Pods

    I'm looking for an assortment box of some super hots to hold my cravings until my plants decide to do something. PM me if you have some available, thanks!