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    pod What kind of pepper is this?

    I bought a Trinidad Moruga Scorpion plant and put it in my greenhouse. The plant is loaded with peppers but they do not look like Morugas at all. Does anyone know what kind of pepper this is? My greenhouse is loaded with plants, scotch bonnet, carolina reapers, butch t, 7 pot jonah, lucy...
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    issue Black patches on peppers

    Hello,   I have 60 plants growing- 20 carolina reapers, 40 scotch bonnet from different seed sources. Half of my plants are at my house and the other half are at my parents house.    On 6 of the plants (4 at my house, 2 at my parents) I have black spots on the tops of the peppers.  2 of the...
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    Scaling Up changing the taste

    Hi Everyone,   I was just wondering if anyone has experienced a dramatic change in taste when they scale up sauce?   I have a red chile, habanero sauce that I make with vinegar, water and small amount of apple cider vinegar. After finally getting it to taste they way I wanted I decided to make a...
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    cooking Re-cook sauce that has already been bottled

    Yesterday, I made a scotch bonnet sauce with water, vinegar and salt.  I've already cooked it down and hot bottle it. When I did it, I was in a bit of rush and now I realize that I've added too much water.      Is it safe to dump all of those bottles back into the pot, cook it down and bottle...
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    color Mango Scotch Bonnet Sauce losing color/flavour

    I have a mango sauce that loses it's color and flavor after about 3 weeks.  I understand that sauces will lose flavor over time but the sauce in the top 1/2 inch of each bottle is going from a yellow to a whitish almost grayish color.   The sauce    - mango    - scotch bonnet    - equal parts of...
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    fermenting Post Ferment - What to do with it

    I had a 90 day ferment with yellow scotch bonnet peppers in two large mason jars with air locks.     - 10 percent weight in sea salt thrown in the processor with the peppers     - I had to keep adding water as kahm yeast and mold kept forming on the top   I finally decided to try out my...
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    fermenting Fermenting mash with little to no brine?

    I'm trying to ferment a Scotch Bonnet mash that I will use as a base for my sauces   The process  (I found this process online before I discovered this site  :cry: )   1) Combine the peppers with salt in a food processor - using 10% of the weight of peppers in salt 2) Lightly process 3) Put mash...
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    Hello from Vancouver!

    Hello!    I grew up on Scotch Bonnet, acquired a taste for Scorpion and Reaper, and just recently discovered the joys of Mexican Chiles!   I hope to learn many new things and meet many great people!