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    Fox Farms Ocean Forest?

    I will be using Fox Farm this year and was wondering if people recommend using fertilizer with it when I transport young plants into it or if that would be too much nitrogen? Any info is greatly appreciated.
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    Tomato Cages

      I had planned to increase pot size from the 3 gallon pots they are in now to 5 gallon pots in a month, that way they have time to recover from the transfer.  Would you recommend leaving them in the 3 gallon pots for the season, going ahead and transplanting to 5 gallon tomorrow and leaving...
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    Tomato Cages

    Thanks for the responses.  Unfortunately I do not have the room in my yard to plant them directly in the ground, so I had to transplant them from the small pots they had come in.  I am new to growing peppers and had read to slowly step up the size of the pots you had them in.  Is this step...
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    Tomato Cages

    I just recently transplanted three plants into larger pots after I had purchased them from a local farmers market.  Two of the plants are leaning, one a lot more than the other.  I was thinking about placing tomato cages around all three just to be safe, and was curious if it would cause any...
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    Looking for input on what I should grow

    At the moment I have 1 Ghost plant and 3 Carolina Reaper plants growing.  However, I am interested in growing a few other peppers that some of my family and friends would find more enjoyable as they are not into superhots.  I found someone in the area who has a few different varieties for sale...
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    vendor Recommendations for live plant vendor

    Awesome, thanks for the tip. I had seen the site but hadn't heard whether they were good to order from or not. I will look at their inventory this evening.
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    vendor Recommendations for live plant vendor

    I was wondering if anyone knew of a grower or business in the northern Kentucky/southern Ohio/southern Indiana area who is reputable to deal with regarding live plants. I have been to several local herb/greenhouses but they seem to carry only common variety and I was hoping to grow some strains...
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    Hi from Kentucky

    Hi,   I am a first time grower in Northern Kentucky and have been using the information from this site.  Just wanted to say thanks for the tips posted and hope to connect with different pepper lovers to learn about different strains and improve on growing.