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  1. Max Nihil

    breeding Phenotypic segregants

    I don't know how well terms are defined and known here and so wanted to introduce an extremely useful term: Phenotypic segregants These are the plants that arise from seeds of a single fruit or plant through each different group of genes (alleles) manifesting in visibly distinct ways. If, for...
  2. Max Nihil

    capsaicin Capsaicinoid hazards and observations

    Some of the super-hot peppers are quite frightening. Capsaicin is evidently neurotoxic to at least some developing mammals, damaging the formation of the same nerves that when fully formed respond to capsaicinoids by producing a burning sensation. Medically it has a side effect in a certain %...
  3. Max Nihil

    hybrid Defcon 7 pot

    This year I had the pleasure of growing out the 7 pot Defcon, purchased from Texas Hot Peppers. The dry erase marker in the photograph below is red, the color rendition isn't very accurate on my tech. I have another one that I bell-cut to dry that shows how dark the color gets. It is a reddish...
  4. Max Nihil

    breeding Superhot Breeding paper

    Breeding Capsicum chinense Lines with High Levels of Capsaicinoids and Capsinoids in the Fruit August 2021 paper on super hot breeding... Perhaps...
  5. Max Nihil

    hybrid Pollen transfer observations

    The other day I watched a single bee in my garden go from a Piquin to a Tabasco, to a Borg-9, to a habanero and continue for a few more plants before I lost track of it. At each of these plants it visited 1-3 flowers. Bees have been observed in the garden at nearly all times of day when the...
  6. Max Nihil

    music Original music

    Some music I've been working on. Made with Audiosauna and Audacity. It's an 8 song EP (30 min) of electronic music without a distinct genre. I may add vocals at some point this year but I'm not in a hurry. The music is meant to be loud with a decent bass volume and it can sound rather...
  7. Max Nihil

    NIHIL's Grow Log 2020

    I'm starting this Grow-Log space now and will shortly be adding content to it. I will initially be adding content to this first post as a work-in-progress. - D1, ornamental annuum, fig.1 Fig.2 Purple, Dwarf, Up fruit... Suspected to be a form of Black Prince from NMCPI. Obtained from a...
  8. Max Nihil

    lighting A Small Indoor Hobby Grow and Considerations on the Subject of Horticultural Lighting.

    I've been using a small grow tent to raise cacti seedlings using 84 watts of LEC or CMH light per square foot with a Sun Systems 315 watt Light Emitting Ceramic grow light and bulb. The high light intensity and high temperature of my grow tent were ideal for cacti but when I put a few Capsicum...
  9. Max Nihil

    Capsicum history from an archaeological perspective (link)

    I really enjoyed this talk about Capsicum.
  10. Max Nihil

    A joke

    How many forum people does it take to change a light bulb? One to change the bulb and 10 to tell them it doesn't work. (When it does)
  11. Max Nihil


    As many of you likely know Capsaicin oils in Capsicum berries are fluorescent under UV. While the effect is not particularly strong it is of some use in screening and selecting Capsicum fruit for high secreted oil content. I used an LED type blacklight UV fixture for the photographs. In the...
  12. Max Nihil

    Gripe about farmers market

    I went to a Salt Lake City UT farmers market today to look and see what Capsicum genetics were there. One table had some red habanero but no information about what it might be. I took 3 specimens home and cut them open. They have so much less visible capsaicin than my own variety of orange...
  13. Max Nihil

    Crushed Red Pepper genetics

    In my search for specific alleles and genetics for my breeding projects I have been looking for large, long and thin fleshed cayenne type peppers phenotypes.    In searching for information about certain name brand crushed red pepper I learned that the material is a blend of several types of...
  14. Max Nihil

    Hello from Utah

    Hi!   I've been growing Capsicum species off and on for about 25 years now.    I recently began studying selective breeding of Capsicum species and have an interest in the history and ethnobotany of Capsicum species.    I have a few types growing outside presently including my own selection of...