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    Last batch came out too hot. How do I mellow it out?

    This last batch came out blazing, not sure why. How do I mellow it out without using fruit or sweeteners? It was not a ferment. Basic ingredients 410 g of smoked cayenne, 150 g garlic, 205 g of onion, a single 7 pot primo, 3 cups water, 1 1/2 cups cider vinegar and a tablespoon of honey. Thanks...
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    lighting Need opinions on these 2 LED lights

    Any thoughts about these 2 LED lights? For $20 more I thought the 1000w might be the better buy. Any input is appreciated.  ...
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    1 day Aerogarden Sale at QVC $79.96

    Title says it all.
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    Is this Trinidad Scorpion Moruga?

    As the title asks. Thanks in advance.    
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    R.I.P. Forum

    This one has apparently bit the dust. Read about this at another forum and tried to sign on...nothing, nadda, blank page.
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    80 Year old lady got way too close to my rear end

      Happened Monday morning, spent the afternoon in the ER. Stilling feeling the effects of whiplash.
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    Smokemaster, happy to read

    the good news. May you live a long, happy, healthy and eventful life.   Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.    
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    Kimchi too salty

    I know you can use potato to remove some of the saltiness but I’ve never done it. Can someone please advise? Do I use peeled potatoes? How much potato do I need to use? Do I submerge it or just lay it lay on top? Anything else I need to know? The Kimchi is in quart jars.   Thanks in advance.
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    The Danish National Chamber Orchestra Ate The World's Hottest Peppers And Tried To Play
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    Picture test

    Just wanted to see if I can upload a photo. Well, the link works but I wish you didn't have to go to the link to see the picture.
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    Who truly thinks OP means isolated?

    The title says it all. But, I have to add that a lot of beginners receiving seeds think they are receiving seed from OP NON Isolated plants are going to receive true. I'll bet only about 50% growing true.   Tomato seed cross probably less than 5-10%   Pepper seed cross 50+%   I'd like to hear...
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    How long can thawed peppers stay in frig?

    I placed a couple of vaccuum sealed frozen packages of peppers in frig last Friday thinking I could make some sauce last weekend. Well, that didn't happen and with everything else going on now I won't get to them until Thursday or Friday of this week. Can I still use these thawed peppes for...
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    free Free for 4 Newbies ***Closed***

    Newbie is 30 posts or less, US and Canada only.   The first 4 newbies to request in this thread (must also send me PM) will receive 10-15 seeds each Peach Bhut Jolokia (not isolated), Pimente d' Espelette (not isolated) and Chimayo (isolated).   Disclaimer: There is no warranty expressed or...
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    Drying Beaver Dam, is it worth it?

    I'm growing Beaver Dam for the first time and it's a great pepper. I'm asking if drying for powder, will it retain it's flavor characteristics?
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    recipe-help Any recipes for Frozen Wild Mushrooms?

    Hi folks, I've found a trade partner for frozen wild mushrooms and I love mushrooms. I grow and trade hot peppers, hot sauce and hot pepper powders for frozen wild mushrooms. I welcome all recipes you would like to share. Preferably not spicy.
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    If you had to cut 5 from the list

    which would they be? I know I'll everyone has different criteria and opinions. This is my tentative list but I'll probably have to cut back a little. I plan on growing a total of approximately 120 plants. Some on my list are must grows for fresh seed, others are new to me. Last year was my...
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    Forgive my ignorance, what is a Trinidad Douglah Red?

    And, I'll be asking for a lot of forgiveness in the future. But the real question, how can a Douglah be red? I saw this posted for a SASBE and have never seen such before. I thought the name Douglah suggested a brown color. Any insight would be welcome.
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    Anyone have experience growing "Sandia A"?

    I received a pack from a friend that is identified simply as "Sandia A Pepper", seeds from Lake Valley Seeds to be grown in 2009. I've done some google searches and haven't really come up with any real answers. I'm not worried about the seed plant date, just any info heat, production and flavor...
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    ? about adding rosemary to spicy chocolate bark

    Hi folks, I found a simple recipe for making spicy chocolate bark, 1.5 lbs. chocolate, 2 teaspoons cayenne powder and sea salt. I made a batch last night and it came out very good. I know I can vary the types of powders to change it up, but I was wondering about adding some other flavors. What...
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    Woozy bottles available in Cleveland, OH

    First, let me say I have no financial interest in this business, I'm just a customer. For those living in, or around Cleveland, you can order online and pickup the next day, 53 cents/woozy, by the case. No shipping charges, but they have a "Small Order" charge of $10.00. I should add, anything...