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  1. P. Dreadie

    vendor Bakers Peppers

    Many places I do business with may want a credit card to start things rolling. But they don't charge you "until" they send it. If they can only fill part of the order. They do and charge you. If something is out of stock they don't you until they ship .
  2. P. Dreadie

    raised-bed New raised bed - various questions.

    My raised beds are much deeper. But shouldn't matter. One of things I've always liked about raised beds is you can put plants much closer . When plants get larger they shade the soil.  It's like the Square Foot Garden style.    I always use shade cloth . Around June it's to protect my plants...
  3. P. Dreadie

    Can Myco Blast hurt my plant?

    millworkman ....... Nope "What" ? 
  4. P. Dreadie

    Can Myco Blast hurt my plant?

    I agree ..... looks dry . Don't know what Myco Blast is. But a lot of times until the roots are well established I feel less is more . More better. 
  5. P. Dreadie

    Trinidad Pork Stew

    JHP .... Your version looks good ! I'm ready again. I don't need cold temps    Peace
  6. P. Dreadie

    vendor Plants for purchase in USA?

    What no 6 pack thingie to carry the beer home in ?  :rolleyes:
  7. P. Dreadie

    vendor Plants for purchase in USA?

    CCN sell them in lots of 6 because that's how their boxes built.  The boxes are super !! Belly up and buy 6. Do you buy single beers ? 
  8. P. Dreadie

    Season's Greetings

    I hope this Season is full of joy for everyone .   Peace  
  9. P. Dreadie

    photography Pet picture thread!

    Sorry to hear about your friend   Peace
  10. P. Dreadie

    photography Anyone do photography w/ RC Helicopters ?

      Anyone out here do this ? I've been playing with small Blade Helicopters . Have fun flying them thru the house and bugging the dogs .  Or taking them outside where I have more room to play .     I'd like to play with video or single pictures but need to learn more . There's so many price...
  11. P. Dreadie

    now thats a good woman

    Not certain I'm in line on your post maanmaan ... does your lady think you should down size things  ?    If so ......Makes me laugh too. I've jacked up most my backyard as my lady sees it. Maybe my Dawgs too.....  I have several fairly large Hoops that could be greenhouses but I don't want / or...
  12. P. Dreadie

    shopping Purchasers responsibility with hybrids ?

    Agreed !!! Datil .....  Boom !      As a small home gardener I find it hard to make sure everything ends up as a pure strain. I try my best but at times I see new seeds tossing something that's different.  Not at all what I was expecting. I don't find that out until harvest time . Sometimes the...
  13. P. Dreadie

    pod supposedly yellow brainstrain, anyone know what this is

    Looks like a Harold's St Bart , but how knows for sure . That was my first thought     
  14. P. Dreadie


    I got a nice pkg of fresh peppers from Judy . Peppers I was wanting to taste before I added them to next year's grow list. She also tossed in nuff freebies. All labeled so you knew what was what . Respect Judy    I'm just posting a few pictures ( I hate having to use photo bucket ) . Red Devil's...
  15. P. Dreadie

    P.Dreadie 2013

    My season in winding down . I'm sure we'll soon get a freeze harsh enough my shade cloth won't help. My Bonnets & most peppers came in later than I wanted but I'm well pleased. I have tubs and tubs of MoA's , TFM , and Selects in the freezer. Scotch Bonnets are my favorites .... so I'm set for...
  16. P. Dreadie

    Primo's & Reapers ?

    Thanks MadMonkey ... I don't sell my peppers. If I had seen another thread with the answers I was trying get I wouldn't have started this thread .
  17. P. Dreadie

    Primo's & Reapers ?

    Browning thanks ...     You guys that think I'm trying to stir things up fine. That's your right.  But that's not the case . If Dale hadn't chimed in and said I got them from him all but what I was trying to gain would be mute here.    You guys don't know me. I don't stir things up , at least...
  18. P. Dreadie

    Primo's & Reapers ?

    I'm NOT trying to start shit ! So shut up if you can't get it that I'm trying to learn something here . Yes the peppers were fresh no problem , yada yada . Service as great no problem.    I'm not trying to bust Dale's Jr balz or anyones . Dale ease up ! Stop being so gun shy ... When I'm pissed...
  19. P. Dreadie

    Primo's & Reapers ?

    Dale Jr ,   With respect .....  I 've had more time to check them close up . So as now I-Man can't tell a difference . So my being happy totally is not carved stone yet .    I'm trying to learn as I go long . I wanted these so I could check them . See if they were something I might want to add...
  20. P. Dreadie

    Primo's & Reapers ?

    My photos aren't great and the wife who has camera skills said taking pictures of peppers was one notch above taking pictures of paint drying . Take to mean she won't help or anyone can do that .....  ;)   I ordered some Promos & Reapers from a vender here . I have several question . First is...