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    recipe-help Percentage of acid or acid by weight methods?

    Hey Guys, Been lurking since I joined, I have read and reread the the Hotsauce 101 thread, my woozies get here tomorrow along with my canning gear (gonna can other things besides hot sauce), PH tester is on order with solution ect, and I have searched on this topic, but maybe I am a shitty...
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    yield Zone 7a climate, Apartment, Ok sized porch, Decent Sun - What peppers would you go?

    Thinking about taking a stab at growing a couple pepper plants this season, while I learn the art of making personal hot sauces. Given these: Zone 7a climate, Apartment, Ok sized porch, Decent Sun - Which peppers would you grow? I am looking something prolific so I can make sauces with them...
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    Hot sauce fanatic - looking to make my own personal sauces and possibly grow

    Hey All, This will sound strange, but I got an immersion blender for Christmas from the wife unit, and been making a ton of stuff with it. I LOVE hot sauce and eat it on everything, so it got me thinking about making my own (and eventually growing peppers in my short growing climate) Looking...