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    seeds New grower from seed needs help

    So I have these little sprouts that just came in overnight. Should I leave these in the domes a little longer or transplant them now? I have more that look like this, but these are three good ones. First time growing from seed so I need some help here. Thank you.
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    overwintering Overwintering, dormant plants question

    Hey guys, So I brought my plants in to try to overwinter them, but didn't do anything special and now they have a bit of a pest problem. I've been treating them with Neem + dish soap and warm water soak in their regular water that I feed them, but it doesn't seem to be helping much. These...
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    pics Trinidad Scorpion pepper question

    Hey guys, Just harvested this wonderful little capsaicin bomb from my plant today and cut it open to save the seeds and found this interesting green growth you can see on the right part in picture 2. I've only had one other TS pepper with this and I'm wondering what it is. It looks like it...
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    pics My harvests for this season

    Small harvest today. Some delicious cayenne peppers!
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    pics Today's Purchase

    Went out to the local farmer's market today and picked up these guys. From bottom to top: mirasol pepper, dynamite, hatch medium, hatch hot. Now they are seeded and I will be growing them next season.
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    pics My hot pepper jungle

    Here are some pictures of my plants. All doing very well. I'm going to have A LOT of pods. Here you will see all except my three small habanero plants. Which are also doing very well. From left to right there's my cayenne plant, two ghost pepper plants, a group photo of some of my super...
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    New hot pepper enthusiast

    Hi everyone, New member here. My name is Sebastian and I've been into growing hot peppers and learning more about the plants for a couple of years now. This is my second season actually growing peppers. I'm trying to create some recipes with the ones I'm growing this year. Just kind of a...