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  1. Zackorz

    breeding crossing two chinense peppers

    Hello guys, I crossed 2 baccatums and it worked, but i tried for 2 years to cross chinense peppers without sucess. Has anyone here sucess crossing chinense peppers and can share his method with me? My method was: - picking a flower that will open up soon and cut out the pollen bag. - taking...
  2. Zackorz

    Does anyone had sucess growing "Aji Pepon" or Rosita "Amarillo"?

    I bought all the sweet peppers from "lindberg Figueroa", and tried to grow them.   I only had success growing "Aji Jobito", and "Aji Rosita Rojo". I heared, that some people were able to grow "Aji Llaneron".   But does anyone grew "Aji Pepon" or "Rosita Amarillo" with success?
  3. Zackorz

    chinense Looking for a sweet, hot and aromatic red small/wild "Chinense"

    Im looking for a pepper with the properties, that i mentioned in my thread title.   I love small hot peppers as a snack, and to prevent me from getting sick in winter.   This year i grow "CAP 691", and it a very pretty and plant with aromatic berrys, Unfortunately they have absolutely now...
  4. Zackorz

    chinense Looking for "real" Stuffing Scotch Bonnet seeds

    I bought some seeds of Stuffing Scotch Bonnet last year, but the fruits are smaller and way hotter than they should be, the seem crossed.     Does someone have grown this pepper, and had the correct shape and mild taste? I would love to getsome seeds then.     I have tons of other cool varieties...
  5. Zackorz

    Looking for seeds of "Cream Fatalii"

    Im looking for seeds of the mild and tasty "Cream Fatalii".   Have a lot of pepper seeds for trade.
  6. Zackorz

    NuMex Trick-or-Treat

    Next year i will grow Numex Suave Red and Orange. They are very much like a hot habanero when you make powder of them, but i dont like them fresh.   Anyone grew "NuMex Trick-or-Treat"  ?  I wonder how much they taste like a hab and if they are any good.
  7. Zackorz

    Palmyra, Sukari or Malih Helow?

    I have a "grow spot" left and im unsure which one of these 3 peppers ist the best.     Which one can you recommend?
  8. Zackorz

    favorite Your favorite small (semi-)wild chinense pepper

    i wonder what you favorite small wild chinense pepper is.   So far i tried only "cumari do para".  Its a wonderful pepper.   I try new ones every year, so im in search for another variety.   i heared that "wild brazil" and "aji charapita" should be good too.     What is your favorite, which one...
  9. Zackorz

    favorite You Favorite Red "Habanero"

    Im in search of a really flavorfull and hopefully also sweet Red Habanero for next years grow.    I like really strong chinense taste (floral and fruity) and sweetness. The more aroma the better.     Can you recommend a Red Habanero ?  Please no superhots, just Habaneros.     i Found some Types...
  10. Zackorz

    flavor Taste of "Aji Margaretino" and "Rosita Rojo" ?

    I have seeds from both of this peppers and wonder if they worth "growing".   Someone already tasted them?    
  11. Zackorz

    wanted Looking for "Bahamian Goat Pepper" Seeds True Form (Scotch Bonnet Shape)

    Im looking for a source where i can get "Bahamian Goat Pepper" seeds that are "true". I love the "Scotch Bonnet-Shape", but many that are offered just look like a normal habanero.   Does anyone knows a seller with "true seeds" or has some seeds for sale/ trade?
  12. Zackorz

    chinense The most intense and best scotch bonnet

    There are so much scotch bonnets out there and i wonder what the forums favorite is.   Im planning 1 or 2 varieties for next year, but im not sure which one are the best tasting.   It should have a really strong taste, because i want to cross it with a mild pepper that needs some more flavour.
  13. Zackorz

    chinense in search fo the "chinense" pepper with the strongest taste

    Im looking for a "chinense" pepper with a very strong taste ("floral", and "fruity" too), for a "crossing project".   I didnt tested too much, the most intense for me are:   - Raw: "7Pod Yellow" - Powder: "But Jolokia"     What are the most intense "chinense" peppers you every tried?
  14. Zackorz

    chinense Habanero Zavory?

    I bought some "Habanero Zavory" seeds from "rareseeds.com".   They describe it as : "very mild with a Habanero flavor".   Im a little bit confused now, because other sources describe it as "hot" (50.000-100.000 Scoville).     Anbody tasted "Zavory Hab" and can tell me something about the heat...
  15. Zackorz

    flavor Tepin and Pequin - Taste

    This time its not about the flavor at all.   My question is just to the people who can taste "soapyness" in some chilis.   I tried a "pequin". It had a really good and sweet flavor on one side - on the other side it had a really soapy flavor that ruined the overall taste.   Does "tepin" have the...
  16. Zackorz

    Cumari do Para vs Aji Charapita

    I always wanted to grow some of these 2 peppers but cant decide, which one.   Somebody grown both and can tell me which one tasted better?
  17. Zackorz

    frutescens Hot Frutescense with only few seeds

    Im in search of a hot and small frutescense variety that is not seedy.   I like to dry small peppers and eat them like a snack, but i hate seedy or bitter ones.   So far i found the donni sali, but i want to grow 1 or 2 more.   Can someone recommend any? Of couse they should also have a nice...
  18. Zackorz

    wanted looking for chunpepe (PI406847) seeds

    Have a lot to trade, especially "chinenses" :-)
  19. Zackorz

    Princess Faten

    Does Anyone know something about this pepper? I got some seeds from "Pepperlover.com", but cant find pictures or a description anywhere.   So far i just know its a freaking hot "anuum".  :P   The smell of the "rest-flesh" on the seeds was very aromatic, the seeds are small.
  20. Zackorz

    wanted Looking for "Stuffing Scotch Bonnet"

    Im looking for seeds from the big and mild "stuffing scotch bonnet".   Have a lot of seeds for trade, just write me if your interested in a trade.