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  1. Zackorz

    favorite What is your favorite Baccatum Chili and why?

    Interesting, i have to try it
  2. Zackorz

    favorite What is your favorite Baccatum Chili and why?

    From the pure taste, i find baccatums at least as good as chinense peppers. But chinenses peppers are my favorites, because i tend to find most baccatums leave a "soapy" taste on the tongue. This is due to an aldehyte that some people taste and some note. It helps to cut the inner, white part...
  3. Zackorz

    breeding crossing two chinense peppers

    Thanks for the tips guys. I wonder if the result would be better wether the "mother-plant" is outside or inside. I noticed that chinense peppers that are growing inside have a hard time to get fruits, and loose many of their flowers. But i dont know if its because of the missing wind and...
  4. Zackorz

    breeding crossing two chinense peppers

    Hello guys, I crossed 2 baccatums and it worked, but i tried for 2 years to cross chinense peppers without sucess. Has anyone here sucess crossing chinense peppers and can share his method with me? My method was: - picking a flower that will open up soon and cut out the pollen bag. - taking...
  5. Zackorz

    mild habanero

    mild habanero
  6. Zackorz

    chinense Pepperlover`s Stuffing Scotch Bonnet

    I grew some 2 years ago, but unfortunately the seeds were crossed (smaller and hot fruits).   Did anyone grew them and had the original peppers on the plant?
  7. Zackorz

    vendor fataliiseeds.net

    My experience is similar to the most peoples experiences here:   + Fast Shipping + Good germination Rate + Interesting and sometimes exclusive Varieties (got my favorite from him, a mild yellow "Datil") + Good Communication   - High Prices - Not too many seeds per pack - Most of the times some...
  8. Zackorz

    Does anyone had sucess growing "Aji Pepon" or Rosita "Amarillo"?

    I bought all the sweet peppers from "lindberg Figueroa", and tried to grow them.   I only had success growing "Aji Jobito", and "Aji Rosita Rojo". I heared, that some people were able to grow "Aji Llaneron".   But does anyone grew "Aji Pepon" or "Rosita Amarillo" with success?
  9. Zackorz

    [2017] If you could only grow one pepper.. which would you select?

    Definitely "Sweet Yelow Datil". The best pepper for eating it fresh, i ever had.
  10. Zackorz

    chinense Looking for a sweet, hot and aromatic red small/wild "Chinense"

    Im looking for a pepper with the properties, that i mentioned in my thread title.   I love small hot peppers as a snack, and to prevent me from getting sick in winter.   This year i grow "CAP 691", and it a very pretty and plant with aromatic berrys, Unfortunately they have absolutely now...
  11. Zackorz

    One of my favourites - CGN 23255

      Has this pepper a good amount of sweetness? I grow CAP 691 this year, and it is a fantastic pepper, similar looking and aromatic, but i miss the sweetness in it.
  12. Zackorz

    chinense Looking for "real" Stuffing Scotch Bonnet seeds

      I bought mine there, but they are crossed :-/.
  13. Zackorz

    chinense Looking for "real" Stuffing Scotch Bonnet seeds

    I bought some seeds of Stuffing Scotch Bonnet last year, but the fruits are smaller and way hotter than they should be, the seem crossed.     Does someone have grown this pepper, and had the correct shape and mild taste? I would love to getsome seeds then.     I have tons of other cool varieties...
  14. Zackorz

    frutescens "Chunpepe" a delicious wild C.frutescens from Honduras

    I had no time yesterday, but here are the promised pictures. The plant is in a 18 liter pot:           Btw, the "Galapagos Habanero" from your seeds is also fine, and so the "Scotch Bonnet P.Dreadie" and "Cream Fatalii" are.    
  15. Zackorz

    frutescens "Chunpepe" a delicious wild C.frutescens from Honduras

      Sad to hear that your plants dont grow well.     My plant is fine. At the beginning it grew slowly but  now it is has a good size. The flowering began very late. The plant has about 5 flowers now and the first flower fell off and showed the first small fruit.   I will post a picture tomorrow.
  16. Zackorz

    frutescens "Chunpepe" a delicious wild C.frutescens from Honduras

      They were erect, but turned as they are getting bigger.   Im curious about this years fruits.   It took  a long time for my plant to get the first flower and i wonder if it will fall off or the first fruit will set.
  17. Zackorz

    Will a Light Freeze Kill?

    The important thing is that the earth is not frozen..    I would recommend to get your plants inside.   Are your plants in the ground or in pots?     If you planted them in pots  you could wraps something like blankes around the pots to keep the earth warm.
  18. Zackorz

    Looking for seeds of "Cream Fatalii"

      It has a similar look, but the "Peach Fatalii" seems to have a good amount of heat, so i guess its another variety.   Sent him a message, thanks.
  19. Zackorz

    Looking for seeds of "Cream Fatalii"

      The "cream fatalii" ist a mild pepper, that has a pale orange color. Its note the same as the hot "white fatalii". Sadly not, they have another pepper called "cheiro creme".
  20. Zackorz

    Looking for seeds of "Cream Fatalii"

    Im looking for seeds of the mild and tasty "Cream Fatalii".   Have a lot of pepper seeds for trade.