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  1. rgreenberg2000

    grilling Pellet Grill Pizza

    Ok, so while my peppers do their thing, and I wait patiently (NOT!) for pods to mature, I'll just keep throwing some cooking stuff in here... :) I recently added a Green Mountain Grill Pizza Oven to my cooking arsenal. I have a RecTeq 700, but the oven fits it like a glove anyway. 👍🏼 With an...
  2. rgreenberg2000

    smoking Polska Wędzoną

    A super simple Polish sausage that is one of my absolute favorites to make! Only eight ingredients if you include the water...... 2270g Pork Butt 1.8% Kosher Salt .25% Cure #1 .25% Sugar .2% Black Pepper .2% Thyme (original recipe calls for Marjoram, I like Thyme better) .35% Garlic, fresh...
  3. rgreenberg2000

    grilling Jalapeno Cheddar Brats

    Been way too long since I've linked up some sausages, and I've had a hank of casings staring at me every time I open the garage fridge, so today was the day. Just a 5lb batch. Ground up a bit over 4lbs of pork shoulder, and 1+ lbs of pork belly in my #12 Cabela's grinder. Mixed that with the...
  4. rgreenberg2000

    smoking BACON!

    Got my bacon finished up today. This was a cryovac'd belly from CostCo that I put in a dry cure for 8 days, smoked on my pellet smoker (1.5 hours @ 180°, and 2.75 hours @ 200°) until 150° internal, fridged overnight, then sliced up on my electric slicer today. Really one of the easiest bits of...
  5. rgreenberg2000

    cooking Herb Pasta

    Mixed up some pasta dough this am..... 142g "00" Flour 1 whole egg 1 egg yolk Handful of parsley sprigs Whizzed the egg and parsley together in my mini Cuisinart. Mixed egg/parsley mixture slowly into flour with a fork, then kneaded until relatively smooth and about the consistency of play...
  6. rgreenberg2000

    grilling Just some wings

    I'm rehabbing an '05 Weber Summit Platinum six-burner grill, so after getting everything in working shape this weekend, I've been putting it through its paces. Tonight I cooked up some wings. Wings dusted with Dizzy Pig Red Eye Express, and finished with a sprinkle of Chipotle powder. Direct...
  7. rgreenberg2000

    pests White Flies??

    I'm pretty sure I've got white flies, but wanted to verify with the smart folks here at THP. I have some NEEM oil on the way, and plan to use that to eradicate whatever these are.....white flies or not! 😡 I've got them on all my indoor plants (washing them frequently) as well as one of my...
  8. rgreenberg2000

    recipe Stir Fry - Chicken and veg

    For the first time in way too long, I fired up my Weber kettle and wok for some stir fry. Chicken, mushroom, zucchini, onion, and bean sprouts. Easy, quick, and delicious!
  9. rgreenberg2000

    Rich's 2022 Log

    Figured that since I'm pretty new at this, and as it's also the first time I'm starting peppers (or anything) from seed that I'd take a run a creating a grow log. Hopefully, this will capture a wildly successful season, or, more likely, will serve as a reminder to me of things I did this year...
  10. rgreenberg2000

    hydroponic Aerogarden - When can I transplant?

    Hi, folks, first post! (Note: I did a bit of searching with the built in search as well as google, and didn't find my answer, so apologies if my search-fu is substandard and this has been discussed...) :) I'm actually using an IDOO (12-pod unit), but figured Aerogarden is more prevalent, hence...
  11. rgreenberg2000

    Newbie from NorCal

    I've had a couple of "meh" attempts at growing peppers the last couple of seasons, and am determined to up my game this year. I've gleaned a bunch of information from reading the content here so figured it was time to join. In the past, I've started with plants from the nursery, and decided...