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  1. peppersproutfarm

    travel Much needed change

    Hello pepper friends. For those that don't know. I'm Jerret. I currently live in Louisiana. I am a licensed journeyman plumber and have been for 20+ years. Been in Louisiana for 9 years. Lived in Washington state prior. Grew up in California. Went to high school in St Louis. So needless to say...
  2. peppersproutfarm

    PSF '22

    Seems a little late to finally start this for the year but that's simply because my years blend together as far as the growing season being able to grow all year long. Still have some winter carrots in the ground (small harvest pictured), lots of collard greens and my artichoke plants are...
  3. peppersproutfarm

    What do you eat??! A year in the life of a pescatarian 2022

    I post a lot of meals. I think it's high time I just started a food blog for the year. Those that don't know we are a pescatarian family. Meaning we consume some seafood. However, we are mostly vegetarian and eat mostly plant-based. Today's lunch was french bread pizzas made with mushrooms...
  4. peppersproutfarm

    condiments Pepper relish

    Every work day for breakfast I eat an everything bagel with cream cheese and pepper relish. I've had this routine for at least 7 years now. I eat so much I feel I should share this super simple recipe. This stuff is great on Hot dogs, burgers, sandwiches, or mixing into aioli or mustard for a...
  5. peppersproutfarm

    PepperSproutFarm 2022

    Another year has begun. This year as the last season comes to an end. Tonight Jan2 is our first frost of winter. So as I'm thinking of the grow season ahead. I am also pulling my final harvest. Had a terrible 2021 season due to Hurricane Ida. But I learned a lot about preparing for such an...
  6. peppersproutfarm

    pics Show me where you store your liquor.

    Title says it all. Weather be just a shelf for a fancy liquor cabinet. Maybe you have an awesome wet bar. Let's see it. I'll start with my buffet cabinet turned bar.
  7. peppersproutfarm

    review SD Sauce Thai hot sauce "Ginger Vegan"

    From Sutta's loving kitchen comes an authentic and unique sauce that harkens back to her life in Thailand, handcrafted with the freshest raw ingredients to give any food from land to Sea a delicious burst of flavor and spice. Transform your food from ordinary to the extraordinary. The bottle...
  8. peppersproutfarm

    pics Campfire sauce

    Didn't have the best growing season thanks to improper planning and a major hurricane. Despite the hardships. I managed to get enough for some small batches of sauce. The first "test" batch I'm calling "campfire hot sauce". Very pleased with how this came together. Ingredients- Fermented ripe...
  9. peppersproutfarm

    issue Variation or reaction?

    I have a red Scotch bonnet plant that is very healthy. Great canopy filled with fruit all season long. Nice bright red shiny pods. However since hurricane Ida came through. Every pod ripens to a dark orange. Now I don't necessarily think the storm had anything to do with it. I'm actually...
  10. peppersproutfarm

    condiment Trader Joe's crispy habanero

    If you love habanero as much as I do. I know you'll enjoy this stuff. Heat level is higher than expected and the habanero flavor is pungent. The crunch it gives goes great on pizza or burgers but my favorite is adding to tacos.
  11. peppersproutfarm

    review Monthly box

    So the wife and I signed up for the monthly box from heatonist. Pretty impressed with this first box and I am quite pleased that it did not include anything I have had yet. Excited to share my thoughts after we sample them. Box included Hellfire Kranked, Hoff's Haus sauce, and SeƱor Lechuga...
  12. peppersproutfarm

    hobbies New tattoo

    I know y'all will appreciate my new tattoo
  13. peppersproutfarm

    off-topic Hurricane Ida

    In 36 hours Louisiana will be hit with the largest storm since 1850s. I live east of the projected "eye" by about 75 miles. we are still in what they call the cone. Expecting 75 to 90 miles an hour winds. and between 7 and 15 in of rain before it's all said and done. most of the people on our...
  14. peppersproutfarm

    fermenting almost forgotten

    Found this behind a few jars of pickles in the pantry. 79 days old. Starfish peppers, chocolate bhut, and strawberries 3% salinity. Looking good so I'll be processing it today.
  15. peppersproutfarm

    hot-sauce mushrooms, pepperoncini, honey mustard?

    Picked up some sauces that finally came in the mail today. wondering if anyone here has tried any of these and what you might think.
  16. peppersproutfarm

    disease possible fungal problem?

    Walking the property yesterday We found this growth which looks kind of spiky around the edges of some perennial grasses and weeds but it is spreading onto our coleus and in the fresh mulch. First question obviously. What is it? Second is it going to harm my plants? And third. Would a simple...
  17. peppersproutfarm

    PSF 2021

    Though peppers make up more than half of the plants we grow in our garden. It is definitely not everything we grow. Starting this grow log for 2021 to share with y'all our journey to feeding ourselves. We have started prep on the garden beds outside. Today I will amend the soil by layering...
  18. peppersproutfarm

    desserts Laissez le bon Ton Roulet

    The Corona virus may be able to halt the parades. And it may be able to slow down the parties. But one thing it cannot take away from us. Is our beloved king cake. do any of you outside of Louisiana partake in this tradition?
  19. peppersproutfarm

    Pepper Sprout Farm 2021

    Join me in my 2021 journey from seed to bottle. Still waiting on a few things to come in the mail but I wanted to get some things started. Seven pot primo, red bhut, choc bhut, orange Thai, lemon habanero, red habanero, hot cherry, shishito, poblano, starfish, jalapeno, orange spice jalapeno...
  20. peppersproutfarm

    Soil health and pest control

    I fully understand how soil health can affect the amount and type of organisms present. My question is more related to pests that fly in and lay eggs. We are talking squash vine border and it's moth adult. Even when soil level seems to be at its healthiest. These pests still run rampant. This...