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    New here

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    welcome!  :welcome:
  5. newpeppergrower1105

    Miniature "Bonsai" Carolina Reaper

    looking nice and healthy! what size is your pot? ive grown a couple plants like that but with a very small yield
  6. newpeppergrower1105

    chinense white ghost pepper

      that would great thanks!
  7. newpeppergrower1105

    chinense white ghost pepper

    Im finally starting up my garden this year after a 4 year break and im trying to get some seeds because all of mine are unviable.  does anyone know where i can get some of these white ghost pepper seeds? whitehotpepper is all sold out of these seeds, it would be great to get my hands on some of...
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    vendor pepperlover.com

      no wonder i havent seen any post from her, i havent been on here for a couple years when she was very active 
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    back in the hobby!

        thanks man! i will definatley give that a try, theres some seeds in my collection im hopeing not to lose 
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    back in the hobby!

  11. newpeppergrower1105

    back in the hobby!

    it feels good to be back! its been a very long while since ive been on this forum, i use to here on the daily. I was deep in the hobby a couple years ago and kinda just took a 4 years break and i really want to get back into it again. I have tons of seeds and many different varieties that I...
  12. newpeppergrower1105

    Can this plant be saved?

    i had a plant that was just like that and it never recovered for me it just turned yellow and died. but im pretty sure other guys on here have been successful 
  13. newpeppergrower1105

    Carolina Peppers

  14. newpeppergrower1105

    for-sale SFRB 4 Sale check it out

    Caramel Moruga, yellow primo ,Chocolate Bhut x Yellow 7 Pod, SBJ7(Scotch Bonnet x 7 Pod Jonah),White 7 Pod,7 pod Jonah and 7 pod Primo from left to right 16.00$ shipped. dont recommend it if you live far away since its thursday            yellow primo
  15. newpeppergrower1105

    Pick The Number And Win!

    44 awesome thanks for the opportunity
  16. newpeppergrower1105

    NPG,s Grow Log

    peppers finally ripening       white 7 pod, 7 pod jonah, SBJ7, white ghost pepper.     awesome yellow primo!   caramel moruga         yellow 7 pod x chocolate bhut     got lots of peppers, thinking of makeing a sfrb or just keeping them all to myself :)
  17. newpeppergrower1105

    Give-away - Winner Announced

    this is awesome,      444
  18. newpeppergrower1105

    what is the Naga Viper???

    what is the naga viper? ive seen so many differnt looking peppers called naga viper and dont know whats the real one. im currently growing 2 naga viper plants and thier giving different looking peppers.      seeds came from the same pod and are even growing in the same pot. i was supposed to...
  19. newpeppergrower1105

    Dorset Naga Pods Starting Out Purple?

    awesome looking peppers!