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    Anyone willing to help?

    Hello everyone! Hope everyone is doing well and gearing up for a great holiday season. I am posting because I am looking for some seeds. My name is Bryan and I am a Chef out of Virginia. I have grown peppers in the past and have absolutely loved it. I will be purchasing a green house here...
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    Seed Trading

    Hey guys I was wondering if anyone would be up for some seed training. Pretty much all I have to trade are Zimbabwee Bird Pepper seeds. Or if anyone has more then they can use you can send them my way!
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    vendor Red Jalapenos

    Does anyone know a website or anything where I could buy red jalapenos on the regular?
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    Need some help

    Below are some peppers I grew this year but I lost all the tags for them so I'm not 100% sure what they are.   Not sure what the red is. But for the other left to right I think it goes peach ghost, orange ghost, chocolate ghost, and chocolate scorp? Thoughts?   I have a ton of other red ones...
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    Nothings happening

    Made this batch of jalapeno hot sauce and it has sat for over a month now. Nothing seems to be happening...   Opened it and the top was sealed on there and heard a suction when I pulled it off. Should I add something? Throw it away?
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    I.D. Please

    Got these in the mail the other day but not sure what some are. Tried to group them together as best as possible.
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    issue Disease? Too much water?

    Woke up to this earlier today...   What is causing this? Bugs? Disease? Water? Fertilizer?..
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    fermenting Newb to Fermenting-Jalapenos

    I've never fermented peppers to make a hot sauce and I was looking for some help. Does anyone know a good recipe for a jalapeño hotsauce? Do I need yeast or anything?
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    Bpoole's 2015 grow

    Just going to start by saying how excited I am about this grow season. I didn't try to grow anything too hot until it was too late last year. By August I had about 15 Bhuts and 3 Scorpion plants. I gave half to my cousin but most of his died and mine became infested with aphids and just couldn't...
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    A friend in need

    I am looking for some help this year in my quest to grow some hot peppers. The only problem is I'm not sure on where to get seeds from because there are so many bad reviews about people not getting what they paid for. So I decided I would come here and ask members who would be willing to send me...
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    Please Identify!

    I got these in the mail from a friend on here but he wasn't exactly sure what I had because his wife sent them to me. From left to right it is Habanero, Yellow and Red Brain stem, Chocolate Habanero or Jamaican Hot Chocolate, Sweet Trinidad Scorpions, Carolina Reapers, and the others are two...
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    Need Grow Light Bulb

    I have two single 60watt lights and need a grow lightbulb for each. Does anyone have any reccomendations to certain bands or anything like that?
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    Late Grow By Newb

    So the hottest pepper I've had is a habanero. Recently I decided to try to grow peppers so I bought some from Walmart. I'll show pics of those later. Two days ago was my first time planting Bhut Jolokia. Doing this for help since it's my first time. Pics coming soon!
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    Hello from Virginia!

    Hey everyone my name is Bryan and I live in the mountains in Va. I've recently gotten into peppers and as of right now the hottest I have had is a Jalepeno. Stores here don't carry exotic stuff cuz we only have about 5 stores and a Walmart. I've been looking for weeks and am really interested in...