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    Anyone know anything about Armageddon Peppers?

    I grew out 2 plants of Armageddon peppers this year.  I had a lot of difficulty finding any information on this variety, and none of the sites I purchased seeds from list it.  The best I could find was this 6 year old thread (which includes a comment that ironically says to give them 6 years due...
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    breeding New cross: how many plants do you keep in each generation?

    I want to try my hand at crossing a couple of varieties this year.  I think I get the basic idea: \emasculate the flower, manually pollinate, and grow out; select plants that have characteristics that I want, and continue growing out the most desirable plants each generation until (if I'm lucky)...
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    Anyone have experience growing Black Panthers?

    I was gifted some black panther seeds that are supposedly isolated.  2 plants are growing, but they look very different.   One has purple leaves, and the other has green: What color leaves are normally on a black panther?  Both are right next to each other under the same set of lights, and...
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    Can plants be hardened off while fruiting?

    I started my plants indoors a couple of months ago.  Some of them started flowering about a month ago.  I pinched off the buds on most of the plants, to encourage more vegetative growth, but I let a couple flower to see what would happen. Three of them successfully pollinated, and now have...
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    Hello from Pennsylvania

    Hi all! I've been lurking on this site for a while, and finally got around to creating an account.   8 years ago I got one of those novelty "ghost pepper in a soda can" starter kits.  Despite a long history of accidentally killing plants, that one not only survived, but lasted year after year...