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    for-sale SFRB Assorted superhot peppers - $20

    I’ll take a box
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    wanted WTB Fresh Pepper Pods!!

    Thanks for the reply Tom but 30 bucks a box is a bit too high for me as well. I typically get 2 SFRB for under 40 with shipping. If you want to price match sicmans 2 SFRB for 35 shipped, id be happy to order
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    wanted WTB Fresh Pepper Pods!!

    Ive been waiting to place another multi box order as well. While i liked the mixed boxes, i now know what im looking for and its almost impossible to get them. Personally, looking for red and chocolate supers only such as reapers, scorpians, 7 pot bubblegum, ect.
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    vendor pepperlover.com

    Such a tease
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    vendor whitehotpeppers

    This guy kicks ass. He loaded me up with all sorts of awesome freebies too! I'll be all over it when he restocks his super hots. Thanks again Justin
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    vendor SICMAN'S Hot Peppers & Powders

    Got my 2 boxes as well. Very fast shipping, GREAT quality, and awesome service. I really like how sicmans peppers come looking ready for a showroom, completely first grade peppers. I had one last night that whooped my butt hahaha it was a little red bastard that looked like a possible small red...
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    Order placed thank you for the special. Your peppers are top notch

    Order placed thank you for the special. Your peppers are top notch
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    vendor Wicked Mike's peppers this guy ROCKS

    You guys are making me jealous. Incoming order hahahaha
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    vendor Fresh Super Hot Vendor

    Really appreciate the welcome and the time you guys spent replying. Ive sent out a couple messages so hopefully ill be sweatin in beautiful bliss soon hahaha sorry love my super hots smh
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    vendor Fresh Super Hot Vendor

    Hello im looking for a few super hots per week i can get on a regular basis. Is there any place i should be looking? Thank you in advance for your time.