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    Official Bubblegum 7 Pot thread

    My first bubblegum 7 pot is finally ripening. The pod is like halfway red and the calyx is starting to bleed
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    Pimenta de Neyde?

      Yeah. Forgot to post. I've had a few ripe peppers off the unknown plant. They turn bright orange before darkening to red. They are HOT. Hotter than my true PDN        Yeah 3 of my 4 PDN look like that. This one I'm assuming got crossed with a bhut. I was not sure if I just mislabeled this...
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    Pimenta de Neyde?

    I was lucky I didn't lose any peppers yet, though they've been a little over watered with all this rain
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    I.D help?

      You would have to be the judge of that. I can only say what I think it looks like. I've never eaten the ornamentals at the greenhouse because we spray them with junk you don't want to eat
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    Pimenta de Neyde?

    Ocean county. I don't know how to tell when true pimenta de neyde's are ripe either. This one has a bunch of green in it though so I figure it will get some red. The three other plants look like what I see when I google pimenta de neyde. Deep purple foliage, pods start purple and stay purple. I...
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    I.D help?

    looks just like the ornamental peppers we have at the green house. Salsa yellow http://davesgarden.com/guides/pf/go/161740/
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    Pimenta de Neyde?

    I planted some Pimenta de Neyde and one is very different from the other. Possibly mixed up seed with purple bhut? or maybe just an accidental cross?     They start off purple     Most full size pods are green/brown though. Have not had a ripe one yet.         Some are more purple than...
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    Peter Peppers and other novelty plants

    I liked the red peter peppers I grew last year. Most of them did not look like what they were named for but some did. Probably 1/4 of the peppers harvested looked as advertised. The rest were close, some had the fold at the tip but were pointed instead of round others had the right look but...
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    Pepper ID

    My first thought was that it looks like Purple Flash with that variegation, but the leaves look a bit more like a chinense than annuum also purple flash pods are round and grow upright
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    tepin x lemon drop (new f3s in the dirt)

    My over wintered F2   
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    DP's 2015 grow

    Ohhh. Ok that makes sense. Thanks!   Reaper 1      Reaper 2      Reaper 3      Jimmy Nardello     Yellow Manzano     Black Pearl cross 1     Black pearl cross 2     Black pearl cross 3     Black pearl cross 4     Black pearl cross 5     Purple Cayenne     This one is one of the few plants I...
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    DP's 2015 grow

    Moruga Scorpion 1    Moruga Scorpion 2    Moruga Scorpion 3    Moruga Scorpion 4    Butch T 1      Butch T 2      Pimenta de Neyde 1    Pimenta de Neyde 2        I'm still not sure how to just add a new post with more pictures once it reaches the limit. Can someone explain?
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    DP's 2015 grow

    This year I started 50 seeds. 5 each of Primo, Brainstrain, Moruga Scorpion, Butch T Scorpion, Reaper, Bhut, Pimenta de Neyde, Yellow Manzano, Red Manzano, and an unknown black pearl hybrid that I liked the flavor of. There were much less than 50 plants though, the greenhouse where I work has a...
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    Quibz Glog

    Scorpion peppers starting to set fruit   Bhut   Hybrid yellow hab   Unknown purple ornamental and Black Pearl   Thai   Unknown ornamental
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    Tomatillo Seeds

    I have plenty of the Salsa Verde variety. They reseed like weeds once you plant them once so be ready
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    labels Please critique our new label

    I may be the minority here, but I liked the label. I would have gone with a different background, even plain white over the plaid. I liked the parrot with Scottish clothing/bagpipes though. With out the plaid background it wouldn't seem so much like a scottish style sauce, in my opinion it would...
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    wanted CLOSED ?CGN22184 non isolated seed

    I'm in. Thanks!
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    I rest my case: name shame

    Naming can be what ever the breeder wants. I could name a jalapeno/cayenne hybrid the douglah jalapeno if I wanted. Does it have to be brown, super hot, or even have douglah genes? No, but if the taste reminds me of a douglah it could happen. As someone else pointed out, look at citrus fruit...
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    How to mess with you neighbor? (after he sends cops for growing under HPS)

    I wouldn't do anything to him directly, just let him keep being a douche and he will do all the work himself. Play annoying music/instruments up until the sound curfew (if there is one in your area), put up a big middle finger statue facing his house and light it up at night so he constantly has...