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    First Hot Sauces

    Recipe sounds good and bottle looks cool. Maybe use a 60's space-like typeface for the writing under Balls to further your space theme? E.g.: https://www.canva.com/learn/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/image29-2-tb-800x0.jpg
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    pH Cheap vs Expensive Ph Meters

      100% agree.
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    Processed my first batch today

    These look great. Seconding what others said about ph measuring.
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    business I found a way to produce and sell my sauce. All I need to do is pull the trigger.

    If you're in it for it to be a hobby that maybe pays for itself, with the possibility of making a small profit, then go for it.   However, if you truly want it to be a business venture, then a good marketing starting point is determining who/where your market is. Your fam and friends are great...
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    pH Average Shelf Life of Hot Sauce batch (below 4.0pH)

    For reference, the process authority in Florida cleared me for 2 year shelf life. My sauce is at about 4.0 ph.
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    Whole Prosciutto

    I have nothing meaningful to contribute, but definitely am very jealous. 
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    labels Recommendations for color printer?

    I was wondering if I could prevent smudges with a regular printer. Now I know.
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    business LLC?

    Yes get an LLC. But also get insurance (I use Hartford), relevant food producer/business license for your state/county/city, and PH certified from a process authority. 
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    Large capacity blender

    Also interested in big, yet non insanely expensive blenders!
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    Processed my first batch today

    Love the color on the red sauce. Very appealing presentation.
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    powder-flake Pepper powder question

    My experience is that if someone from work wants to buy something that you did not overtly advertise to sell, then they are genuinely interested and will be more than fair on what they pay. If you just want to get rid of it, let him know of a general market estimate and they will pay that.
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    artwork start up capital?

    This is perfect info as I'm about to launch my project too. Thanks for the info! And good luck BadWolf on your venture!
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    My classic sauce.

    That looks like it would go great with grilled pork or chicken. 
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    Watch a guy vape a Carolina Reaper

    LOL. This should be on reddit.
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    Do you like Pepper in your beer?

    I never even knew spicy beers existed...
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    Removing Seeds

    Whew, glad I use my seeds and don't have to deal with this extra step.
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    how to make this a little more shelf stable

    Get a ph tester, which are easily procured via amazon and not very expensive. Test it and play with the recipe until you get the right PH balance. A guide for proper PH range for shelf stable foods is readily available on this site and all over the internet. Good luck.
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    just applied for farmers market

    That is dirt cheap! 
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    How do you store your peppers?

    So consensus is vacuum seal and freeze?
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    review I review the Aji Lemon + Personal Update & Collab News!

    Hmmm, I'd like to try this one out