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  1. PeriPeri

    PeriPeri's Grow 2018: South Africa

    Greetings from South Africa!   It has been a few years since my last glog on THP. Sadly, life got in the way (as it does) and I had to step away from THP. But it does feel good to be back doing another glog!   A shout out to all my pals on THP who have kept the home fires burning! You guys are...
  2. PeriPeri


    Hey Guys,   This question goes out to all those sauce makers here using capsaicin in their sauces. This is not space to rant about the ethics of using capsaicin in sauces please!!   I need to make a chilli sauce that has a benchmark 1million SHU. The sauce will be made with fresh ingredients -...
  3. PeriPeri

    PeriPeri's Grow 13/14/15/2016: South African

    Welcome to PeriPeri's Grow 13/14/15/2016: South Africa   If you would like to see the 2012/2013 Grow, you can see it Here First a little info about our country: South Africa is situated at the very southern tip of the African continent. Our country ranges a divers spectrum of cultures and...
  4. PeriPeri

    chinense White Habanero

    Hey guys, So this is my second year germinating and growing chillies. All going well excpet for those darn White Habs. I have purchased seeds from about 5 different sources and they are - in my experience - bloody difficult to germinate. I reckon I have a germination rate of about 40% in all...
  5. PeriPeri

    PeriPeri's Grow Log 2012: South Africa

    Hi All, So I'll give it another try this year. God knows I love chillies and I would love nothing more than to have a bumper harvest... but I suspect the truth of the matter is I do not have green fingers. In fact, give me a chilli and I will be pretty guaranteed to kill it lol That's not...
  6. PeriPeri

    To plant single or double?

    Hi all, I need tomake decision and I think I may have to get some advise please.... So the time is drawing nearer when I am going to plant the chillies into the veggie garden (this is my first time planting in the soil). I am considering planting them in pairs. My thinking is that this may...
  7. PeriPeri

    Red Chilli??

    Hi, Does anyone have a positive ID on this chilli. Got this at a local supermarket. Thought it was a Habanero of sorts... but wasn't hot. Seedy, thin-ish skin... not very hot.... All had this similar shape with that teat on the end... have called it the condom chilli for now lol
  8. PeriPeri

    Horse manure?

    Hi All, So, I have staked my land for planting out in. It's on a horse farm... any ideas (from your experience) whether horse manure is any good to fert. growing chillies? Thanks guys PeriPeri
  9. PeriPeri

    condiment Why does salsa get hotter over time?

    Hey all, So I chopped up all my summer's chillies and added olive oil, lemon juice, salt & pepper. Didn't cook the sauce... left chillies raw. This has been in my fridge for about two and a bit months now and surprisingly getting better with every day. What started out as raw chopped chillies...
  10. PeriPeri

    chinense Old Ghost Pepper Guinness Book of Records attempt

    Hey... I saw this youtube video again... most of you have probably seen this one, but still makes me chuckle. This lady definately eats razor blades and sleeps on a nail bed for fun. I challenge anyone here to try this and video tape themselves lol PeriPeri
  11. PeriPeri

    I smell a rat

    Ok, so I fight the aphids and the white flies and the cutworm.... now I've got a frigging rat snipping my seedlings off at the roots (not eating them...) or just topping the chillies! No one told me I had to buy a cat as well when growing chillies. At this rate I will be feeding the entire...
  12. PeriPeri

    Little White Flies

    Hi All, I have little White Flies... we are talking smaller than 1mm that are sitting on the leaves of the chillies and especially underneath the Tomato leaves. When I lift the leaves they fly around like fruit flies.... but these are much much smaller and are white white white. Please don't...
  13. PeriPeri

    yield Increasing Crop Yield

    Hey all, This is a question to all the green fingered Chilli-heads. Ok, so I got little chilli plants at about the eight leaf stage. What are the tips and trick to increase crop yield with chillies? Can crop yield be increased by watering? Can crop yield be increased through supplementing with...
  14. PeriPeri

    How to speed up growth?

    Hi All, I seeded my peppers on 31/7 and recently they are just slow growing... It's like watching paint dry! You can see my posts http://www.thehotpepper.com/topic/23898-first-hooks/ with regards to how and what I have done. The seedlings are outside now and I'm continuing to water daily and...
  15. PeriPeri

    seeds Seedling dropping leaf

    Hi All, I have just separated out my seedlings and potted them on to their individual trays. This morning one of my seedlings dropped a leaf while watering. Any ideas please? Is this as a result of transplanting (shock)... due to my over watering... or as a result of too much multifeed...
  16. PeriPeri

    Chilli Antidote

    Hi All, Not sure if this thread belongs in this section... but I don't think it relates to cooking. What has been on my mind for a long time is (call it) an antidote to chilli burn (capsicum : Capsaicins). Lots of different opinions... milk, ice cream, peanut butter... I would love to hear...
  17. PeriPeri

    overwintering Coming out of winter

    Hi All, I have some Chilli plants I overwintered in my lounge. Spring is here and I have picked up on the amount of watering and have started putting the plants outside. Question is: 1) Should I further prune the seemingly dead branches? Or do I leave them until the new leaves come? 2) How...
  18. PeriPeri

    Rounded Leaves

    Hi All, 99% of all my chilli seedlings have pointed leaves for the first two leaves produced. There are one or two however that seem to have produced rounded leaves. Is this a problem - what could be the cause of this? Thanks PeriPeri
  19. PeriPeri

    First hooks

    Hey all, Very excited here!! As of today had my first hooks popping up. I seeded Bih Jolokia, Butch T, Fatalii, 7 Pot, Naga Morich, Naga Viper, Tabasco, White Hab, Bishops Crown, Cherry Bomb, Birdseye, Black Pearl, Pimento, Big Jim, Golden Hab, Hungarian Sweet Wax, Quintisho & Biriya Mirch on...
  20. PeriPeri

    Greetings from South Africa

    Hello all, I'm a newbie from South Africa. This is going to be my first season growing chillies. So this fantastic site is going to be my home and wealth of knowledge - thank you. My babies are in the propagator as we speak. I have seeded: Naga Viper, Naga Morich, 7 Pot, Butch T, Bih Jolokia...