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  1. Devv

    Devv: Someday, I'll get this right, South Tejas Growing

    Well I'm way behind this season. Hopefully I can do better....no guarantees!   I'm still trying to figure out this "new normal", my brother said it took him a full year.   Any way:   Last year, could be the year before as they all seem to meld together now :rolleyes:  I cleared the Crepe Myrtle...
  2. Devv

    Devv-2018-Loving life in the dirt

    Here we go again! ;)   This year will be a mix of in the dirt and container growing. Mostly in the dirt. I have some OW's going, 5 are cut back, 6 are pubes that still spend time outdoors as the weather allows. I have pH issues in the dirt, working on that, and hoping for some better results...
  3. Devv

    Devv-2017-Having a good time in the dirt

    Another season has come and gone. Time to start a new one!   Although I did already a few weeks ago :shh: . After last years dismal (late) start I jumped in a bit early to insure I could have viable plants come dirt day. I can always cut them back, if I need to. I have to compile a list yet, but...
  4. Devv

    Devv's 2015 - 16, Life is good!

    Well here we go again!   I just got finished planting seeds for 70 plants. Scaling back a bit this year; last year was a lot of work! That and I have to do more than garden this season ;)   My apologies as I can't remember shit where I got all the seeds from. Some were harvested from pods some I...
  5. Devv

    Server Hiccup?

    Sure seems like we lost about 17 hours of data :mope:   5-31-14 around 5 pm Central   SQL mishap?
  6. Devv

    Devv's 2014- Stick a fork in me, I'm done....

    Time for the 2014 start...   Many of these plants were made possible by the generous people of the THP sending me seeds and pods Thanks!   I'm looking forward to warmer weather and dirt day!   I have a bunch of seeds started, and plants at all the stages.   Here's the grow bench, a T8 x4 on top...
  7. Devv

    Devv's Dirt Grow-Almost done..

    Weekend March 2-3: I’ve been working on the garden for years; it was dormant for a few years (like 10) while I changed careers. The base soil if you want to call it that is sand. I added heavy black dirt to the upper 2/3 years ago; I’ve since added heavy red dirt (clay ) to half of the lower...
  8. Devv

    Hello from Devine, Tx.

    Hello from South Texas! My name is Scott and I’m addicted to hot peppers. I’m looking forward to learning here.