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  1. fubarhouse

    Question about excessive rain and survival

    I am curious, I had a massive pour of rain on one pot. I managed to drain most of the excess out, the soil is still very damp with three seedlings inside. I am wondering if it is advisable to repot to increase probability of survival.
  2. fubarhouse

    need help for growing brain strains, yellow scorps, and choc bhuts

    Naga's and scorpions seem more difficult to start and grow than others, my scorpions are going very slowly, in fact I can't identify if they are stull growing or not.... I have 5 brain strain seedlings going mad, I treat them a little worse than they should, cause they are still somewhat young...
  3. fubarhouse

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas to THP!!!
  4. fubarhouse

    The Hot Pepper Awards 2011 - Winners Announced!

    Congratulations to everybody, including you Candice! I know your sauce is extreme, looking forward to placing my order for the newer batch :)
  5. fubarhouse

    Fubarhouse's 2011/2012 Grow List!

    Bumping my thread, as I will be updating it more frequently and as I have changed the first post, growing all sorts of stuff and almost nothing as originally hoped and planned. Check out the first post if you wish to see my grow list!
  6. fubarhouse

    heat What do you guys think is the hottest pepper is?

    well the butchT is hot, no doubts there, I always had a strong belief that the Douglah or the Brain Strain would in fact be hotter. Since I don't know how hot the Douglah's are from experience, I must say, Brain Strain is like a whole 'nother level of heat, you jump from habaneros to...
  7. fubarhouse

    Whats the hottest thing you have ever eaten?

    I had a whole dried red brain strain yesterday.... Wow... Scorpions are easy compared to that one. Love it though, I am scared about my seedlings, will have to find a very special use for them.
  8. fubarhouse

    My first sauce

    Looks awesome mate! Love the colors!!
  9. fubarhouse

    The Fluorescent Grow Challange...

    Hate to hassle, but will this contest be on during Aussie winter and/or next year during America's winter? I seriously want in next time around!!
  10. fubarhouse

    What do all you growers do with your pods?

    as a first timer, I confess I may be overwhelmed. But I intend on using around half of them fresh, as a snack, stuffed or salad. Then there's curry pastes and long life sauces. I would like to think I will powder some. But yeah, because I finally can, fresh :) Until I can't put myself through...
  11. fubarhouse

    Yellow 7 Pod Brain Strain

    Placed my order, you have a nice collection there!! I hope it makes it to Australia....
  12. fubarhouse

    Pepper Extract vs. Hot Sauce

    Go all natural, or pure capsaicin powder, nothing in between. Only viable exemptions are defcon, salsa lady and wildfire. I am sure there others, but forget about chemical extracts.
  13. fubarhouse

    R. Naky

    I have ordered some Trinidad perfume seeds, can't wait for them :)
  14. fubarhouse

    pepper vs stomach

    Providing there is no stomach ulcer, your stomach will be protected. A regular intake would keep your stomach very healthy. Having a stomach loaded with ulcers and superhots however does lead to cancer. No risks if your stomach is healthy.
  15. fubarhouse

    Bangalore Whippets Tails

    This was the information I needed thank you muchly, you're always helpful :) FOR THE RECORD, If anybody else seeks information. C.frut X C.ann. hybrid medium heat(will comment after produce is available) would appear to be significantly long, juicy and thick skinned it would be safe to assume...
  16. fubarhouse

    Trendiest Mainstream Pepper of 2011?

    It seems a lot of people are hitting the Fitali's this year, I missed out. However they are high on my to-do list. Apart from this, for trends, 7-pots appear to be increasing in popularity, and the annumms seem to also be more popular. I hope to have any type of pods from this year as I have had...
  17. fubarhouse

    Bangalore Whippets Tails

    Hey, I got the Bangalore Whippets Tail seeds as a bonus in a purchase a while back. They are one variety which is really thriving and really going strong at the moment. However I can't find any information on them. Can anybody supply a picture, background information ect. I think they are a...
  18. fubarhouse

    Question for all of you seasoned chili heads

    Yeah mate, screw extracts! Get a bottle of Skobiyan (THSC), and use half a bottle in your wing sauce, make it home-made. It will be exceedingly hot for almost everybody you can encounter. Extracts will ruin your insides, and we don't eat chilli here, for doing physical harm, we do it for our...
  19. fubarhouse

    Anyone want to challege this Woman?

    Oh my god, I have high anticipation for these. got some seedlings going, all hardened off. It is only a matter of time before my brain is in pain. :mouthonfire:
  20. fubarhouse

    Chilli as a weapon

    or you could mix 7 pots with water and soak your hand for a few minutes. after you adjust to the burn do it again, then go around shaking peoples hands or slapping them!!! woo!