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  1. Datil

    off-topic Happy b-day Bhuter!!

    Happy b-day Adam! Where are you my friend? I hope you're having a great day! I'm celebrating with some TS from your seeds :D F
  2. Datil

    A quick peak in Datil's garden

    Hello THP fellows,   i haven't been posting much of lately so i thought it was time to share some quick shots. This year's grow is really on a small scale due to the chronic lack of time, but i'm back to superhot land where little harvest goes a long time :D   - 2 x Chocolate Moruga (SLP) - 2 x...
  3. Datil

    Can't send Messages anymore

    I'm currently not able to reply to a PM or write a new one. I've tried from both the desktop and mobile version. I can enter the messenger and start composing but when i try to post or see the preview i'm redirected to the home page. Anyone experiencing the same?   Thanks in advance   Datil  
  4. Datil

    Happy birthday Peter! (

    Happy b-day!! :bday: Have a nice one!  :beer:  :flamethrower:    F  
  5. Datil

    Happy birthday Spicegeist!

    Happy birthday Charles! :bday:  :metal:  Bhut guru! :hell:  
  6. Datil

    Happy Birthday Tigahb8 (Butch T)!

    Happy b-day to the master! :hell:   :bday: :bday: :bday:  
  7. Datil

    Datil's 2017 - Nagaland, Mexico and beyond

    Thought it was about time to start my first ever glog here :) I'm very lazy and too busy to update it properly but i'll do my best. This year i'm making an extra effort to keep the list tight and grow what i really like taste-wise, just a couple 'experiments'. Here's what i've sowed so far...
  8. Datil

    Happy Birthday JungleRain!

    Happy birthday Grant!! We miss you on THP! I hope you a nice spicy day! :mouthonfire:   :bday: :bday:  
  9. Datil

    Happy Birthday JungleRain!

    Happy birthday Grant!! Have a great spicy time! :bday: :bday: Datil
  10. Datil

    vendor Sonoran Chiltepin by Narom8

    Got this wonderful product some time ago. I was very happy with the customer service, Carlos was kind enough to arrange an international shipping option for me and the package (1/2 liter of chiltepins) arrived pretty fast with USPS. The aroma given off when i opened the plastic jar was...
  11. Datil

    frutescens 7pot/pod x C. frutescens by JungleRain

    Hi all!   I've received seeds for this variety the past season from JungleRain around July and started them immediatly. After overwintering a plant (and started another for backup :) ) i've finally harvested first pods, it was a long trip! This was the description of this cross by Grant:   "this...
  12. Datil

    RIP Mario Dadomo

    Sad news from Italy: Dr. Mario Dadomo, one of the great European chili pioneers is passed away after a short illness on September 21th. Here's a couple (translated) articles:   Addio a Dadomo, l'agronomo "mago" del pomodoro e del peperoncino   R.I.P. Mario Dadomo   Datil
  13. Datil

    Orange Habanero x C. Annuum

    A funny hybrid that popped up from a very old bag of seeds (from my very first year growing peppers). I've collected seeds from an Orange Hab pod and marked as possible hybrid because plants were very packed on my balcony. The shape suggests me a Cayenne cross but there's some slightly corking...
  14. Datil

    Fatali Gourmet Jigsaw

    A new superhot bred to beat Moruga Scorpion was announced today: "The new almighty of chile peppers, The hottest chile pepper variety ever created, Fatalii Gourmet Jigsaw is ready!" "Years ago, after getting Moruga Scorpion seeds, a long time before it was measured...
  15. Datil

    seeds Seedlings selection

    Hello, because of my limited growing space i'm often forced to carefully select best growing seedlings and pull the rest. Apart from the obviously sick / bad looking seedlings, what are your selection criteria? When selecting for breeding projects what are in your opinion some specific...
  16. Datil

    Discovery of the year / flop of the year?

    Hello, now that season is ending (at least in northern emisphere), it's already time to decide what to grow next year and what never again! Maybe a reviews thread can be useful for all. Here's mines: Up Bonda Ma Jacques: amazing flavor, good production and plenty of heat Nepali: nice looking...
  17. Datil

    recipe-help Naga sauce recipe?

    Hello, my nagas are still producing pods and i've already enough to keep me going for a while. I'd like to make an easy sauce with a tolerable heat level (fresh nagas and flakes are killing my friends :) ). Any suggestion? Thanks in advance! Datil
  18. Datil

    Best varieties for sun/air drying

    Hello, what are in your opinion some great tasting varieties well suited for sun/air drying? I grow every year some cayenne types but i'd like to know if there are some less obvious thin-walled varieties like baccatums, chinenses, etc... Thanks in advance! Datil
  19. Datil

    Datils gone bad...

    These should be Datils but clearly they're not... At least they taste pretty good and are brutally HOT. Any idea? Some hybrid (like red datil)? Totally different variety? Thanks! Datil
  20. Datil

    soil Balcony soil bed?

    Hello, this year i've expanded my grow list despite my very small growing space (a south facing balcony). I'm happy enough with the results so far but having 20 or so containers in a small space is becoming really unpractical: pots are so close that every plants touch each other, watering is a...