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  1. franzb69

    Please Help My Countrymen - Donate!

    I know i haven't exactly been active here for the past few years, but a certain dire situation has come to my country and my people and I need your help.       the destruction and amount of losses are immeasurable by the super typhoon Haiyan / Yolanda. I would like to ask all of you out of the...
  2. franzb69

    cutlery Sharpening Kitchen Knives - How to's

    I only believe in sharpening one way, and that is sharpening on sharpening stones and maybe a bench sander / grinder every for major repairs. =D how to hold a knife when sharpening basic movements on sharpening...
  3. franzb69

    raised-bed raised beds

    hey guys, just saw this vid and you guys might wanna check it out. =D no construction required raised bed: fabric!!! =D
  4. franzb69

    cat deterent / repellant

    So anyway, we just adopted a cat. It ran away from their house (the house across the street) because it wasn't being treated right. So it started showing up in my garden and as usual, the animal lover in me got soft on him and fed it. Now it won't leave! lol. So I talked to the owner and told us...
  5. franzb69

    super caterpillar!!!!

    a super caterpillar just ate through one of my bhuts darn thing bore a hole, ate up the seeds and everything else from the inside out. hardcore stuff. anyone else here have a similar experience? first thing i've ever seen this ever.
  6. franzb69

    please identify this naga type plant

    i have one plant that i labelled as a fresno but in its place actually grew a naga type pepper plant. can anyone help me identify what it is? these are the first few pods so i have yet to see one ripen. thanks all. the reason why i think these aren't bhuts is because the plant doesn't...
  7. franzb69

    two bhut jolokia strains from india compared

    differences of pod shapes from two different towns that came from india gwahati jorhat one is stubbier, both are around the same length, the other is thinner. i have yet to test one or crack one open. soon. btw, the jorhat ones actually ripen from light green to dark green to...
  8. franzb69

    seeds germination tips

    been having heaps of trouble with germination all kinds of pepper seeds. from last year's seeds and this year's. i was thinking of getting a germination heat mat of some sort, but do i really need one? i live in a tropical country i can get all the heat i need in the world the seeds need...
  9. franzb69

    NeBru 7pot from THSC for 2012

    well i'd wanna grow this. but you know me, i'd grow anything that's a pepper. lol.
  10. franzb69

    Restaurant Week Practice And Actual Event

    just wanted to share a few pictures...... here's a few pictures of my class practicing last night. took us 4 hours to practice. it was a headache trying to handle all these teens and early 20s kids to keep their voices down and actually listen what we had to say (people in charge).
  11. franzb69

    Flowering plants for increasing pollination

    Been thinking about planting flowering plants for increasing pollination and overall vegetable garden health. I live in the suburbs of Metro Manila. And i am new to gardening. What are good low maintenance, easy to grow flowering plants that are best suited in my climate? Sunflowers and...
  12. franzb69

    Aji limon wilting....

    I've repotted, replaced the soil, and watered extra. Still it wilts. I've done what i think should be done but still it happens. I managed to fix it for a couple weeks and has bounced back, once it gets reestablished it wilts up again. The leaves are all normal and very healthy aside from...
  13. franzb69

    Need Dried Pepper Pods for Finals Week

    be needing a good amount of pods for finals week for school soon. more than willing to pay for the pods. we're gonna pool our money to be able to afford it. the pods we need for finals week will be any peppers that fit spanish and mexican cuisine. a good variety of flavors and heat levels would...
  14. franzb69

    was given interesting siling labuyo pods......

    these pods were given to me by siling_labuyo, a fellow filipino member here. does this look like a tabasco pepper to you? it's over 2 inches long and about 1/3 of an inch thick around. opened it up to harvest seeds it had tons of seeds, pungent, hotter than our regular hybrid labuyos, a...
  15. franzb69

    My Blog has Paid Off Finally!

    Well after blogging for over a year. And due to my new found hobby which is gardening.....I have just recieved an email from a local company here which makes soil-less potting mixes to review their products. Which pretty much means I'll most likely be getting free potting mixes for review...
  16. franzb69

    The THP Compendium of Filipino Cuisine

    As a few of you all know that I am an aspiring chef. As I am filipino and for the some of you who are interested in my native cuisine I would like to impart some things that myself and my fellow countrymen know and love, our food. Here's my first contribution: Filipino Style Shrimp Paste What...
  17. franzb69

    franz's non-chili plants

    a few random plants i got. rosemary up front, black sesame, bokchoy, chinese cabbage, flat leaf parsley, philippine shallots, japanese bunching onions, tomato plant etc. closer look at the black sesame seed seedling my mint patch (5 kinds) and a couple tomato plants mexican tarragon...
  18. franzb69

    Eating rice with novacastrian's chile powders

    Tried out nova's chili powders in chinese fried rice. Tried the yellow powder and the douglah with it. I lightly dusted the rice and tried it while in culinary class. Lol. Holy crap i'm still glowing from the heat ten minutes after. My tolerance for heat is certainly going up!
  19. franzb69

    Edamame Plants forming Pods!

    After about three weeks after transplanting to a bigger pot, I am now seeing the beginnings of soybean pods! Yay! lol. I bought these at a korean grocery store that were already sprouts. They sell them for ninety cents a pound. Which is awfully cheap. But those are super leggy and don't really...
  20. franzb69

    7pot/pod primo and sr strain

    has anyone grown these 2 particular strains? coz i am awfully curious as to how they look like and how they taste. can't seem to find any info on these two strains of 7 pot/pods anywhere else online so.... i'd like to ask you guys if anyone is famiiiar with them? (sure would love to grow them)...