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  1. JoeFish

    Soil Blockers

    I have a full set. Micro, Mini and Maxi. They are Ladbrook brand Maxi has never been used. Will also come with 2 16 qt bags of mix. $150 shipped.
  2. JoeFish

    Jays Red and Yellow Bhuts

    If anyone is interested I can do a SFRB for $15.   I have froze all I can froze.  I have powdered all I want to powdered.   
  3. JoeFish

    wanted Looking for Red Jalapeno/Serrano

    Im in need of some ripe Jals or Serranos. couple SFRBs of maybe a MFRB.  If anyone is interested in a trade, I have BG7P, Reapers, Yellow Ghosts and Morugas I can trade.  I have 3 jal plants that refuse to give me what I need for sauces and I can find any locally so...   Or if you want to sell...
  4. JoeFish

    Red Bhuts/Trinidad Moruga Scorpions

    I didn't really want to start selling but I have tons... $15 SFRB.
  5. JoeFish

    trade SFRB Trades? Anyone?

    I have tons of pods and I want to try other kinds of peppers that I don't have.  So I want to trade boxes, mixed or whole.    Here is a list of what I got for trade.   Yellow Brainstrain Red Bhut Yellow Bhut Peach Bhut Trinidad Moruga Scorpion Bubblegum 7 Pot Rooster Spur Jays Red Ghost Scorpion...
  6. JoeFish

    Anyone got a good ketchup recipe?

    Anyone have a good ketchup recipe? I have tons of tomatoes coming off right now and I know some of you make your own ketchup so.....Share with the ignorant (me).
  7. JoeFish

    cgn22869 c.chacoense

    cgn22869 c.chacoense   I have seed from a seed train and I cant figure out if I want to grow them next year.  Anyone grown them? 
  8. JoeFish

    Is this a Aji Limo?

  9. JoeFish

    Soaker Hose Question

    Im going to water my plants, it is the first time all year.  They still look fine I just know they gotta be thirsty because its been a little bit since our last rain.    If and when I decide to water with a soaker hose, how long should I leave it on a row?  1 hour? 2 hours?  I have 4 planting...
  10. JoeFish

    Making first compost tea and want to use fish head to enhance it... Help

    I want to make compost tea.  I have never made it but I have homemade compost in my tumbler that is perfect and I also have some trout heads that have been in a bucket of water for 2 weeks...  the original plan was to use the fish heads and compost tea separate.  Now I want to combine.  Is this...
  11. JoeFish

    Planting directly into the yard (no tilling)??

    I have posted this question in my GLOG but I maybe a little impatient.   Can I just plant through my Bermuda grass into the ground, then  just mulch the crap out of it to keep the grass/weeds from messing with it?  I had the idea to mulch it with my homemade compost and or aged wood chips. ...
  12. JoeFish

    2016 - JoeFish Arkansas Grown

    I have wanted a garden for awhile now. So Sept. 2013 I picked out a spot and started working on my spot.  All the rest is history.   My grow list... Since I was skeptical about starting seeds I ordered plants.  Hopefully I will start everything myself next year.   A Picture of my Garden spot. ...
  13. JoeFish

    plant Going to plant seeds...What are these?

      I think they are Trinidad Scorpions.
  14. JoeFish

    Help.... My first hot sauce tastes like spicy apple sauce.

    We'll I made my first one with some chocolate scorpions and I used mango apple onion garlic apple cider vinegar and salt and it just tastes like spicy apple sauce. I guess my fruit to pepper ratio was off... I wanted more of a hot sauce taste.... The heat is there it's just weird tasting. Any...
  15. JoeFish

    greenhouse Cheap mobile greenhouse from lowes.

    So I was at lowes today and noticed a small greenhouse for $40 so I picked it up. I live in zone 7 and planning to start all my seeds in the thing but I've never started from seed before and I have a couple of questions... I plan on putting these thing inside at night in my unheated garage...
  16. JoeFish

    soil Tell me about my soil test results...(pic)

    This will be my first year for a garden and I got my soil tested last fall and here are the results...  All looks Japanese to me so I will let you guys give me some pointers. free image hosting Wow that quality is awful let me know if anyone is having trouble...