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  1. The Washington Chilli Man

    Peppers turning black and mushy

    Hi everyone, im new to growing peppers and loving it. Having a bit of trouble with a few of my peppers. They are turning blackish and are mushy to the touch. This has only happened to a couple of them on different plants but dont want it to become more widespread. I water every couple of days...
  2. The Washington Chilli Man

    Red pepper

    Hi all, my wife picked up this pepper plant from our local asda supermarket in the clearance section (62p).Unfortunately it came with no labels or information. Any help in trying to identify it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  3. The Washington Chilli Man

    Hello Everyone

    Hi, I have just joined today. I am from the North East of England and have only just started growing pepper plants this year. Hoping to learn many things . Hope everyone having a good day.