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  1. MaxRV

    Kill the D@#m gnats...Please!

    All excellent guidance.  Also, thank you for the link to the prior string.  Seems like there are some very standard procedures i need to use.   Thanks Again,   Max
  2. MaxRV

    My carnivorous plants [Pictures heavy]

    These are awesome!  Would any of these be useful in controlling the gnats around my indoor pepper plants?   Max
  3. MaxRV

    Does anyone grow Bonsai trees?

    I do.  I haven't grown anything for a while, however, being very interested in Asian culture from my Martial Arts days, my wife and I took an extensive course in growing Bonsai.  I have grown several conifers....kind of the established starting or learning tree.  However, you can branch out (no...
  4. MaxRV

    Kill the D@#m gnats...Please!

    Okay, I am going to post this question even though I am sure it has been posted numerous times in the past.  I am hoping that someone has developed a new way of dealing with gnats when growing peppers indoors.  I have scoured the internet and everyone recommends apple cider vinegar mixtures and...
  5. MaxRV

    Hello from Waldorf, Maryland

    Welcome Paul, I am Max from Woodbridge, Va. I understand your interest in trees as well. I am planting a Great Sequoia in my yard in the spring. Max
  6. MaxRV

    Hi UK grower indoor grower here

    Welcome! I also do some indoor growing and new to this site as well. I just installed a four bulb T8 fixture in my grow tent to replace my old three CFL bar. Best Regards, Max
  7. MaxRV

    Hello from Woodbridge, Virginia.

    Seacowboy, Thanks for the offer.  I do get up that way on occasion.  If I know i am going to be up that way, I will certainly get in touch.  Max.
  8. MaxRV

    Hello from Woodbridge, Virginia.

    Hello,   I go by Max and I am fairly new to growing hot peppers.  I originally started out using and Aerogarden and growing basil and oregano and then decided to experiment with chilis.  As my interest grew, I became very interested in building my own hydroponic and aeroponic systems (to save...