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  1. Cartierusm

    First Hot Sauces

    My hot sauce journey started 20 years ago when I tried to grow peppers and ferment my own mash. Back then I couldn't find any info about fermenting pepper mash, even though I had been fermenting alcohol for a decade at that point. Remember the internet was in it's infancy and there was little...
  2. Cartierusm

    Topping and Pruning Help

    So I'm completely new to this. I've already topped these twice and they seem to be doing very well. They were all started from seed on Jan 31, 2020 and it's now 3/16/2020. So should I keep topping or do any pruning or let them be until they flower?   First one is Large Cayenne, second is Orange...
  3. Cartierusm

    harvesting Reusing your plants after harvesting fruit??

    I'm new to growing things, except mold in my fridge...LOL, but I digest...So I'm aeroponically growing some pepper plants in my closet. Once they fruit and I harvest the fruit can I reuse the plant instead of growing a new plant from seeds? If so what do I do?
  4. Cartierusm

    Nutrient Top Off When to do it?

    Ok so I know that I'm going to change out, completely, my nutrient solution every two weeks. I also know that I should periodically check the PPM of my solution and adjust it with filtered water to bring it back up to the target PPM I started with and PH adjust, of course.   My question is how...
  5. Cartierusm

    health Should I be concerned brown leaf edges?

    So I'm new to growing peppers and I'm a little familiar with hydroponics. Don't want to be too dry but I'd like to give all the info. Worried about the brown edges on the leaves.   Seeded them in rockwool with PH adjusted water on Jan 30, 2020. All, except the reapers, sprouted within 2-3 weeks...
  6. Cartierusm

    Salutations from San Francisco

    Hi, just joined. Always loved hot sauce and peppers. Tried growing them about 18 years ago, but they got frostbit and realized my climate is not the best. Collected hot sauces for a while until I had so many they started to turn brown after years and years. So I buy what I use now.   I just got...