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  1. Balac

    vendor The cleanest garden in the world

    Who's garden is that you ask?   Dshlogg's I say   Why you ask? look at this pics of peppers (if you have trouble seeing them let me know please) {I am done with photobucket cause there are terribly slow and buggy)  ...
  2. Balac

    Long (5-6in) skiny curly sweet/hot

    Hi Got a mystery pepper that was Labeled as a Doughal but it aint---nor is it a monster cayenne!!!   It is about a 6-7 on the heat but the flesh excluding the vein is extremely sweet with just a little heat---it is like candy and a taste like pears or Kiwi--very fruity---great flavor---best I...
  3. Balac

    Need Roccoco or mananzo red and yellow

    I am looking for anyone who has some Roccoco otherwize known as Manzano red and yellow for sale. Smokemaster can not cash my check and so I can not get any from him and he does not use paypal. I am a week behind in trying to get some peppers.   If you still have fresh pods that would be good...
  4. Balac

    The Ship HSM Bounty Flounders

    We received a distress call for Bounty at 1830 Sunday evening that the Ship lost power and the pumps were unable to keep up with the dewatering. At that time we immediately contacted the USCG for assistance. A C130 was sent to there position approximately 90 miles SE of Cape Hatteras. At 0430...
  5. Balac

    plant bumpy peppers on a fuzzy leaved plant

    I have a bumpy fruited plant with kind of fuzzy leaves----not as fuzzy as my roco though. Anyone have an Idea? I would appreciate any help you could provide.
  6. Balac

    chinense The Coco Bhut that Could.

    Can you believe that Northern Wisconsin had freezing temperatures already? Can you believe that it has getting down to 34-40 degrees every night for a week and a half? Can you believe that my pepper plants are croaking? Can you believe that my chocolate Bhut learned how to adapt to the cold?
  7. Balac

    for-sale Covert seed 5 packs For Sale (New SASBE)

    Covert seed 5 packs For Sale Covert foam backed seed zip locks 5-Packs are being offered for sale at $0.50 US dollars per pack plus shipping to your address any where in the world. These are linear 0.157cm (1/16th) inch foam backed 3.81 cm (1.5inch) square zip-locked bags aligned along a 9...
  8. Balac

    Balac's 2012 Grow Log

    I just now got the idea at put my grow list in here to save it for reference because I am ordering seed/pepper for next year and need my member grow list for 2013. Had a good year and saved a lot of the seeds for planting next year---best selling locally here in Door County was no heat...
  9. Balac

    pod Bhut type smooth pod ID needed

    I have one last pepper that I would like some idea on what it is. They are hot---maybe 6 or so and you can see the inside and veins in one on the bottom. They are a thin skinned 3-4 inch pepper. My grow list is below and I can not find this one on that list or pictures of the peppers. Any help...
  10. Balac

    Scotch bonnets or what?

    I have some peppers that I thought were Scotch bonnets but some of them look different. Maybe one of these bunches are something else but I lost mu labels and do not know, If anyone can recognize these pepper and tell me what they are I would appreciate it. Thanks for all help you provide. Balac...
  11. Balac

    3-4 inch dark red/burgandy hot peppers

    My grow list is below but these do not look like anything that I could find. Matbe someone has an idea what these are and can guess. They look cool and I am going to ferment them this year and see what they taste like---it would be good to have an idea what they may be. Any help would be most...
  12. Balac

    auction 3 hour auction for chocolates

    2 boxes of choclate 7 pot and Bhuts plus scotch bonnets and 2 colors of habs for fun---$5 start 9:30 CST close---winner buys both or one of his/her choice and winner must message Balac before 9:45 or the second highest bidder gets the box selection. Second highest bidder gets the second box if...
  13. Balac

    Are these Bhuts or something else?

    These are about 3.5 inches and I do not know the heat because my mouth is still burning from a Napali orange---anyway I tried planting Bhuts from dried pods and all of them turned into wild plants---must have been hybrid. But maybe this one made it---you think? thanks for looking---I might have...
  14. Balac

    A hot 3 inch long fluted/folded ID needed

    This is a strange pepper that may not be on my list of peppers---If anyone has an idea on what it is please message me. Heat is about 5-6 out of 10---And the length is more like 4 inches instead of 3 Grow List 2012 grow list Vietnam/Thai pepper last years carry over...
  15. Balac

    wanted Rocoto Peppers/Seeds Wanted

    Anyone have these peppers avaiable----or seeds? Please PM me AJI ROCOTO (PI 355812) Species: Pubescens Origin: Ecuador Heat: Mild Red ROCOTO DE SEDA Species: Pubescens Origin: Mexico Heat: Hot Yellow ROCOTO CANARIO (YELLOW) Species: Pubescens Origin: Peru Heat: Extremely Hot
  16. Balac

    Maybe a Pointy tailed Cherry--ID needed

    Sent Today, 12:34 PM I am trying to figure where and what are the types of peppers that I planted. I wrote on sticks and the writing was bleached off and so here is one that might be that you gave me. Do you recognize these and if so please tell me what they are. thanks. AjiJoe thinks it is a...
  17. Balac

    for-sale Door County sweet to hot pepper sale

    Organic locally grown specialty peppers As available first emailed first supplied; daily drop shipped to your restaurant for $1.00 per mile from Carlsville or picked up in Carlsville by arrangement for no charge. Can ship to you for $6 extra. $1/lb extra for custom grading like size or color...
  18. Balac

    I.D. Needed on a tall Squash/Starfish type plant

    Ok Guys I need help with this one. I got these pepper seeds and they were mis-labeled. anyone know what they are? They are ttallest plants I have to date. About 4 ft and hold their peppers very high on the plant; all the way to the top. They are hot---about 2000-3000 scoville---and do not...
  19. Balac

    fermenting Gallon fermenting peppers

    A catch all of my early peppers that were starting to go bad in the refrigerator. So I threw them in a gallon jug with yogurt bacteria; vinegar and salt and got them going for fall puree. Cherry on top with black Serrano below and then mixed misc low heat peppers below. Did not sell much so...
  20. Balac

    condiment 3 month salsa

    Well here is my first Salsa for your enjoyment. This is a serrano pepper with onion and cilantro fermented with Cuisine yogurt starter and with 2 teaspoons of salt on the top of the mixture in a quart jar. I pressed the chopped vegis inside the jar to minumize the amount of water needed in the...