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  1. thaichillihead

    Miracle fruit

    Pine Island sells fruiting plants. They ship internationally.
  2. thaichillihead

    Red Lady Papaya

    Never had any success growing papaya from seeds. They all seem to die off after gaining a few set of leaves. Since the Red Lady is F1 hybrid, you have to buy seeds or plants. Currently growing one Red Lady plant from Lowes :D
  3. thaichillihead

    Trinidad Scorpion Seeds

    When did you start these seeds that grew the plant? You might want to post pics of this plant with pods. Usually, things don't happen without pics.
  4. thaichillihead

    overwintering Winter and Central Florida....

    I prefer 5 gallons or larger. They will produce all year. Some varieties, like the hot Trinidad peppers, may produce smaller pods due to cooler temps in winter.
  5. thaichillihead

    overwintering Winter and Central Florida....

    ^^^Agree. Cover if in ground. Bring inside if potted. Frosts usually occurs overnight for few-several hours. Once the sun is back out, temps warm up quickly and you can bring the plants back outside.
  6. thaichillihead

    DWC Question...

    I believe it's biofilm, since you're using an organic based nutrient. I would consider it harmless as long as it doesn't clog the stones, and the solution remains aerated.
  7. thaichillihead

    Trinidad, VA

    Pods look great!
  8. thaichillihead

    Hello from Florida

    Shalom from Florida :welcome:
  9. thaichillihead

    interesting thought

    Maybe I wasn't clear. Under the biochemistry definitions, which I assume you know or will know, it is both. One classification doesn't necessarily exclude the other. And it's alright.
  10. thaichillihead

    interesting thought

    Hey killer, Biochemically, D is still a vitamin and structurally a steroid.
  11. thaichillihead

    Lychee and Longan trees.

    A lychee tree needs approximately 100-200 hours of chilling below 68 F (20 C)degrees mean daily temparature in the winter for lychee trees to grow bloom spikes instead of leaf flushes. Lychee faqs
  12. thaichillihead

    Can Meds change your tolerance?

    Bromocriptine acts through neurotransmitters. It is influencing the wiring of your body, how the cells are communicating with each other. I think your body is reinterpreting the capsaicin signals.
  13. thaichillihead

    First Time Grower 2011

    Wow, your plants look very good for a first timer. Good job!
  14. thaichillihead

    Wayrights 2eleven

    That's a wicked version of the brain strain. I like it!
  15. thaichillihead

    Silver_Surfer's season starts

    I love those douglah pics. I'd like to stand in line for seeds of the red ones if you're offering any :)
  16. thaichillihead


    I know of chitin (shellfish, insects, etc). Chitosan seems to be just the water soluble form. In FL, some people recommend burying shrimp and crab shells in the soil to attract the beneficial nematodes which also feed on the bad nematodes. We have bad nematode problems here.
  17. thaichillihead

    Transplanting/Root Development

    You should take a close look at how a DWC bucket works. Main take-home points are that roots like moisture, accessible nutrients and lots of air. You can apply these principles to soil culture to achieve root growth.
  18. thaichillihead

    well that didn't go very far at

    The admin would be this guy :) I'll have to postpone my poll until I figure out my root zone temp. But my answers so far are NO, NO, ACIDIC.
  19. thaichillihead

    well that didn't go very far at

    I remember seeing that list quite frequently :) I think the list mentions flower drop at temps >97 F. I've never had mature plants fail to set pods, but I've never seen temps higher than 97F for any significant duration. Mid 90s and below is fine.
  20. thaichillihead

    2011 Chinense problems

    The C chinenses love humid summers. They do well for me in full sun all day, weathered droughts and thunderstorms. The only thing is the plants are slow to mature compared to other Capsicums. I say give them more time and wait it out. Next year, you should sow early or overwinter them.