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  1. thaichillihead

    Box of Douglahs

    EDIT: Offer went to Pat I have some extra pods available for US delivery. I will ship 15 pods in a small flat rate box for $20 paypal only. All pods are from an isolated plant. Post a reply if you want to order. I will contact the first person to reply. Sample pods.
  2. thaichillihead

    Fresh Douglah Pods

    EDIT: OFFER NOW CLOSED This offer is for those in US interested in this variety of 7 pod for tasting or looking for seeds to grow. Since the whole plant has been isolated, all pods offered will be pure seed stock. I have decided to price similarly to what you would pay seed suppliers. I...
  3. thaichillihead

    NY Times Article on Chillies

    Hey Guys, the Times published an article with insight on our evolutionary relationship with hot peppers. A Perk of Our Evolution: Pleasure in Pain of Chilies
  4. thaichillihead

    Some thoughts on the Douglah

    Figured I post some notes from my first time growing this plant. This plant was started in early May and I pulled down first ripe pods earlier this month. The pods I have so far seem to be orange hab size--longest little over 2 inches but seem dwarfed by the monsters Neil has in his video...
  5. thaichillihead

    Ugliest Plant

    Here's mine. Seed from store bought jalapeno. This was one of my plants at the start of my learning process. I pretty much mistreated it. First started with reading this thread. So I topped off the main stem. Then overfertilized. Here's the result. Topping the main stem did...
  6. thaichillihead

    trade newbie gettin started - have thai chillis for trade

    Hello to all the chilliheads. I just got into growin hot chillis. I'm embarrassed to say I only have thai's to trade. But if you're interested send me a PM. I have red pods harvested from this plant. I think it's just a thai ornamental. It's a foot tall at the most. Pods are usually 1...