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  1. Ballzworth

    pics Summer Harvest Pics

    It's been a while but lots of stuff going on. This summer couldn't be treating me better. Some harvests today: Mustard Hab Scorpion Tasmanian Hab Aji Limon
  2. Ballzworth

    harvesting 1st Harvest

    Well, it's not much but I'm happy with the start to the season. I think Sept 1 was my first harvest last year so can't complain! Top row : 1. "Madballz 7" - The 7 / Choco Bhut cross we hope to stabalize (lethal!). 2. A surprise pepper that was supposed to be a's a Habanero type...
  3. Ballzworth

    Canadian Earthquake

    Anyone else feel that? Canada doesn't get earthquakes, what's going on? It was a 5.0 at the Quebec/Ontario border and felt all through Ontario / Northern US. Wondering if any New York / Pennsylvania / Ohio / Michican people felt it too. Ottawa area guys like Potawie would have been really...
  4. Ballzworth

    breeding "Rusty" 7Pot / Choco Bhut Cross

    Last night, myself and Madhatter did a bunch of pepper tasting, one of which turned out to be a choco bhut / 7 cross. I got the plant from Madhatter who was growing out a bunch of chocolate bhuts so that's what it was supposed to be. Surprisingly the pods grew like 7s with some slight bhutish...
  5. Ballzworth

    sun Sun Vs Shade - which plants can handle it?

    Most of my yard gets 5 - 8 hours sun per day which is working well for me. But there are a few spots where I'd like to put some 5 gallon containers which get 3 hours and another that gets about 10 hours. From experience, can anyone suggest ones that can handle tonnes of sun as well as little...
  6. Ballzworth

    Scorpion Stalemate - not growing

    I potted up a scorpion on Jan 30 and it hasn't grown at all in the past week. I pulled it up to re-pot thinking that maybe I had it too we (which I know I didn't). I was surprised to see that there is no root growth whatsoever. It's just kinda sitting there....and losing color slowly. I...
  7. Ballzworth

    Ballzworth 2010 Grow Log

    Things are off to an early start. Here's the grow list: Bhut Jolokia Chocolate Bhut 7 Pot Trinidad Scorpion Naga Morich Red Savina Yellow Devil's Tongue Fatalli Orange Habanero Paper Lanter Habanero White Habanero Caribbean Red Jamaican Hot Scotch Bonnet (2 varieties) Tasmanian Habanero...
  8. Ballzworth

    Snagging some seeds from a restaurant

    yesterday I was in a restaurant having some dinner and added whatever chili products there were to spice up the meal a bit and I found this powder that wasn't super hot, but hotter than say the Pizza Hut style chili shakers. Tasted really good and I noticed that the powder still had seeds in...
  9. Ballzworth

    First Sprout

    Got my first sprout today. A paper lantern habanero....6 days in. Wasn't expecting anything this quickly but a nice surprise. Hopefully the superhots will follow suit over the next week or shortly after. The growing season never seems like it's started until you get that initial growth...
  10. Ballzworth

    Happy Thanksgiving Canadians!

    Eat lots, enjoy your family and the day off tomorrow (for those who have it off)!! Any special hot creations in store for any of you over the weekend?
  11. Ballzworth

    lotabhut jolokia and mem jolokia

    The Frontal Agritech site mentions that they grow specialty peppers like the lotabut and mem jolokia. Anyone familiar with these two breeds?? maybe sister peppers to the bhut/bih?
  12. Ballzworth

    Halogens......are they useful?

    I have 2 250watt Halogens. primarly I like the heat they give off and I've been hearing they cover the red spectrum with over 3,000 lumens per light. i haven't really heard much mention of halogens on here and wanted to know if they're a useful tool or not? I'm not looking to build any...
  13. Ballzworth

    Heavy Metal Thread......list your faves

    I figured with all the random heavy metal talk I keep seeing on threads that I'd try and bring some metal heads together on this post and see what people are listening to. Trying to bring it all to one place. List your favorite bands, favorite album of 2009, and most anticipated upcoming...
  14. Ballzworth

    music Just not enough Hot Pepper tributes in music

    they could almost be a sponsor of this web site with that logo.
  15. Ballzworth

    Help Identifying Plant

    I'm growing a few of 5 color marbles and one of the turned out pretty different. All the seeds came from the same package but I'm not what the plant is. You can't really tell from the pictures but the flowers different colors as well (purplish for the darker plant and white for the marble)...
  16. Ballzworth

    The Devils Garden 2009

    Here's a few pics of the before and after of my pepper half of the garden anyways. The pods are growing and now it's just a race against time to seem them finish before frost. May 7 2009 August 16 2009
  17. Ballzworth

    Bruschetta Pain

    A quick bruschetta appetizer I threw together. One of my favorite foods. If I had fresh peppers ready I would have preferred to use those, but I opted for the PAIN 100% substitute which did just fine. Normally I don't add heat to bruscetta, but I was feeling the urge.
  18. Ballzworth

    seeds When do northerers start their seeds?

    A question for the Canadians and those of you from the norther parts of the US. When do you start your seeds indoors? I know that with the few months of summer we get, it's vital to have them at a progressed stage when transplanting outdoors to maximize the results. I started in March this...
  19. Ballzworth

    Pepper You Can't Do Without

    If you have to choose the only pepper to exist while all others go extinct, which would be the best all round to suit your needs (cooking, growing, snacking, hot sauce making, decorating etc)?
  20. Ballzworth

    Peppers Falling Off

    After the flowering was complete for about 10 peppers on a few of my plants, the stem for the pepper dies and falls off. Is that a sign of things to come for those plants or is it normal for the first bunch to do that from time to time and then work itself out?? I'm wondering if it's too much...