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  1. highalt

    Fatalii VS. Datil VS. Devil's Tongue

    Narrowing down this year's growlist.  I do mostly mild to medium peppers, so I only need one or two hot ones, and by hot I mean hotter than a habanero.  I like the flavor of yellows over reds, and last year the Fatalii I grew turned out to be a red one.  I haven't tried Datil or Devil's Tongue...
  2. highalt

    Highalt's 2014 Grow = Meager beginnings

    Just getting started, and don't even have a full list put together yet.   Yesterday I planted the following:   Pubescens:   6  Yellow Manzano (from Smokemaster) 6  Orange Manzano (from Fanatic 79) 9  Mexican Manzano (from Smokemaster)  Not sure on the color, it may be a mix.   Chinense:   6...
  3. highalt

    When to sow frutescens?

    I've already sown all of my chinense, baccatums, and pubescens. Was planning on waiting another month before sowing the annums. I have Tobasco on my growlist, which is a frutescens. My question is should it be sown early, or should I just wait and sow them with the annums?
  4. highalt

    Pick-A-Peck of Peppers Swap

    It's that time again!!! Welcome to the Annual Pick-A-Peck of Peppers seed swap! So here are the rules (every swap's gotta have them) : * No deadline on signing up, but ALL seeds must reach me no later than February 8th. I will do my very best to have them back out by February 15th. That's...
  5. highalt

    chinense Jamaican Hot Choc. same as Chocolate Scotch Bonnet?

    Trying to narrow down my growlist for this season, and have seeds for both of these, but when I look them up, the names seem to be used interchangeably.
  6. highalt

    Highalt's 2013 Grow - End of Season Wrap Up

    I know some of you guys have already started seeds for next year's grow, and I should have started the Manzano's a month ago, but I am still working on finalizing the grow list. Each year since I started growing peppers, the list has gotten bigger, and they have taken up a larger % of my...
  7. highalt

    Frozen Puree - Anyone tried this?

    I had hoped to make some hot sauce this year, but time is getting away from me. The peppers are piling up, and need to get processed. I read through Alabama Jack's puree recipe, and considered going that route, but a friend of mine gave me another idea. She said she steams her peppers until...
  8. highalt

    What is my NOT Hawaiian Sweet Hot?

    So I planted two Hawaiian Sweet Hot plants, but one turned out to be a NOT. Here are pictures from a few weeks ago of both plants. This is the real one. It looks just like the photos I've found online for it. ... and this is the NOT. See how the end of the pod is blunt, not pointed, and...
  9. highalt

    shade Who needs more shade?

    I'm growing over 50 varieties of peppers, about half of them annuums, the rest are chinense and baccatums. It will be time to plant them out in two to three weeks. Here's where my dilemma comes in. I have a plot at the local community garden, which is full sun all day, I mean 12 - 14 hours...
  10. highalt

    How to edit the name of a thread?

    I have noticed in the glog section, that some people periodically alter the name of their glog, but I don't see a way to edit the heading, only individual posts. Am I missing something?
  11. highalt

    Pick-A-Peck of Peppers Swap

    This will be my 3rd year to host this swap, but my first time since joining THP. (Photo courtesy of tsheets - GW forum) So here are the rules (every swap's gotta have them): * No deadline on signing up, but ALL seeds must reach me by February 28th. I...
  12. highalt

    Cranberry Jalapeno Jelly

    Cranberry Jalapeno Jelly on homemade Cranberry Banana Nut Bread for breakfast. Sure, why not! Why save it just for cream cheese and crackers? Actually, that version was made with Serranos, and had a nice amount of heat. (for a beginner such as myself) Here's a picture of the Cranberry...
  13. highalt

    Highalt's 2012 Grow Log

    I haven't made it to the super hot level yet, so not sure how interesting you guys will find this, but I like having one place to post all of my pictures throughout the season, so here goes. 2012 Preliminary Grow List: Aji Yellow Alma Paprika Ancho Gigantia Ancho San Luis Barker (NuMex)...
  14. highalt

    annuum Early Season Serrano Substitute?

    Starting to work on next year's growlist, and am on the fence about Serranos. The late season ones that finally ripened had a nice heat and a decent flavor, but they took forever to ripen, and I didn't care for the flavor of them green. So I'm wondering what else would have about the same...
  15. highalt

    overwintering Highalt's 1st Overwintering Attempt

    So I brought a lot of my container grown peppers into the garage right before our first frost, back in September. I cut them back as much as I could bring myself to, then hit them with some insecticidal soap, waited a week, hit them again, and brought a few of them indoors. Most of them...
  16. highalt

    My 1st attempt at Mexican Chocolate Bark

    I spent the entire day wrapping and packing dozens of jars of my canned goods to ship out to family for the Christmas holiday. Included were several items made from my homegrown peppers - Salsa, Zucchini Relish, Cranberry Jalapeno (Serrano) Jelly, and Habanero Gold Jelly. I really wanted to...
  17. highalt

    Finally found a use for the Lemon Drops

    Okay, so the Lemon Drop peppers I grew this year were not tasty, a bit on the bitter side. Will try again next year with a different seed source. Anyway, I picked a whole plastic grocery bag full of green peppers right before our first frost, and most turned yellow indoors. While I was trying...
  18. highalt

    powder-flake Difference between Paprika and Chili Powder

    Hate to ask a stupid question, but what makes a powder paprika instead of chili powder? Store bought, the chili powder is darker in color, and has a slight smoky smell, but neither has any flavor to speak of. I have grown Alma Paprika, and a couple other paprika type peppers in the past, and...
  19. highalt

    Year End Reviews

    Thought about adding this to my growlog, but was afraid it would just get lost. Plus, I thought it would be nice to hear other people's experiences from this growing season. Aji Panca - Germination 1 out of 2, plant went in Earthbox. Growth was very slow with everything in the boxes. I...
  20. highalt

    Aji Yellow vs. Lemon Drop

    I read so many good things about Lemon Drop that I decided to grow it this year. Then, I received some Aji Yellow seeds from Ajijoe, which he said he liked even better, so I decided to grow that one too. Both produced very large plants, which were very late to start flowering. The Lemon Drop...