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  1. Tinben

    chinense The MOA Scotch Bonnet - holy crap they`re good!

    Got me some seeds from my Tn brother. They haven't popped there little heads up yet but it will be grand when they do. I can't wait to gettem in grow bags and watch them grow.
  2. Tinben

    Athene's Theory of Everything

    I find this stuff very fascinating. I have a brother in law that works for ORNL. I can sit for hours and listen to him.  It's all above my learnin buts that's ok.
  3. Tinben

    Starting my own this year!! (Help PLEASE!!!)

    I don't have any answers for you but take your time and read every thread on here that you can. This is my first season also. I got my seedlings in the same hot hot as you. My wife's plants are already sprouting by not my pepper plants yet.
  4. Tinben

    MoA Jamaican scotch bonnets....

    Boy. Yuns got the head start on me but I high hopes.  :onfire:
  5. Tinben

    favorite What is your favorite pepper in terms of taste (doesn't need to be super hot)?

    Was the Chocolate Habanero  :fireball: Now the Jamaican Scotch Bonnet  :onfire:   Who knows which one will be calling to me next?
  6. Tinben

    wanted Looking for MOA Bonnet seeds

    Thanks for the help.  :party:  :onfire:
  7. Tinben

    Wife is in surgery so I am going to be busy around here

    Praying for you and your wife. 
  8. Tinben

    wanted Looking for MOA Bonnet seeds

    I am loving my bonnets these days. Dried, fresh, powdered, pureed or sauces. It doesn't matter. This year is my first grow. I got about 20 seedlings in mini greenhouse. So, I am looking for some MOA Bonnet seeds and/ or other types of bonnets.  Tell Whatcha got. I can pay you or do some trading. 
  9. Tinben

    drying New dehydrator help_jerky

    First batch come out killer. I got another huge venison ham thawing out. Thank you for all the help. And Browning I will definitely do the powder method you mentioned.
  10. Tinben

    drying New dehydrator help_jerky

    Ok, I got a roast cut up and marinating. My wife put the mix together. I guarantee its not as hot as I would have made it but I am sure it will be good for our first try. Might do turkey jerky next.
  11. Tinben

    drying New dehydrator help_jerky

    Thank you Jay T. I actually did a search and missed that somehow. Leave it to me to overlook something every time.
  12. Tinben

    drying New dehydrator help_jerky

    Thank y'all very much. I will be slicing it directly while it is partially frozen. My wife will not let me order mix kits because she hates the preservatives and artificial flavors. So I have to put a recipe marinade together. The dehydrator actually came with some spice packs but she want let...
  13. Tinben

    drying New dehydrator help_jerky

    I am very excited to say that I got my first dehydrator for Christmas. My awesome wife has heard me talk about peppers, powders, sauce and such for so long. I think she wants me to try it on my own.   I think I am starting out with sweet and spicy jerky. I just moved a venison roast from freezer...
  14. Tinben

    vendor MY Bakers experience thus far...

    Dale is also an Executive/Head Chef so between that and a year round pepper business he is probably stretched out big time. Probably needs a partner instead of employees.   Maybe Peppper Joe?
  15. Tinben

    I would join if I had FB. It's getting to the point that a person want even be able to go out of...

    I would join if I had FB. It's getting to the point that a person want even be able to go out of the house without offending someone. It is the Untited States of The Offended.
  16. Tinben

    Spicy Tomato Juice

    I have neglected this thread but I do really appreciate all the responses. I will have time off around Christmas so I will be doing it then. I hope to be able to can some for future use. I would love to have a Ninja but might not have the extra money unless I get a pretty good bonus.  :party:
  17. Tinben

    vendor Baker Peppers did me wrong!! Should have listened to THP and went with JUDY!!

    "We". How many employees does he have? Did he let everyone one off for the holidays? Seems like a bad time of the year to be letting everyone off and no one left to take care of orders. He should have one employee there to attend to business since he is a year round grower of fresh Florida produce.
  18. Tinben

    Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Lucky Dog Hot Sauce!

    Thank you. I didn't even think about the time difference when I ordered.  :rolleyes:
  19. Tinben

    Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Lucky Dog Hot Sauce!

    Have ya shipped it yet. Lol.  :dance:
  20. Tinben

    Spicy Tomato Juice

    Thanks for the replies guys. I figured someone would have a killer recipe. I love it hot.