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  1. midwestchilehead

    RIP Nagacanario

    Those of you left over from the old may remember posts from Nagacanario, a/k/a/ Ed Kohler a/k/a Dustin. According to some Facebook posts, Dustin passed away yesterday. He had been in the hospital and rehab hospital with a broken hip, but I don't know if that condition...
  2. midwestchilehead

    USDA Small Lots of Seed Permit

    I just had a seed order confiscated by customs. It is the first time that has happened to me. It was coming from Holland, so maybe that was part of the problem. In any event, it made me realize that nine years ago I started to get a USDA Small Lots of Seed permit to allow importation, but I...
  3. midwestchilehead

    Purple Bhut?

    I lost the tag on this one. Is it a purple bhut?  
  4. midwestchilehead

    event Open Fields 2017

    Wow, its hard to believe there hasn't been a posting about Open Fields on this forum since 2011. The date for 2017 is set for September 29, 2017 - October 1, 2017 at an undisclosed location in Indiana.   If you want to attend, you need to contact Milton Limonchi and get directions and...
  5. midwestchilehead

    wanted WTB US Manzano Pods - All Colors

    I would like to buy your US grown Manzanos. All colors. Preferably dried, but I will buy fresh pods too. Shoot me a price. Thanks.
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    The Hot Pepper Discount at

    Greetings Chileheads. Something that got buried in a post from 2012 is the discount I offer for members of the The Hot Pepper. As a valued customer you get a 25% discount on your order by using the coupon code ‟Chilehead‟ at checkout. Enjoy! John
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    Bleach Dilution Ratio

    Greetings. I have always bleach treated my seeds after harvesting to kill any seed-borne nasties. All commercial bleaches used to be about a 5% sodium hypochlorite solution, so to get to my desired concentration (3%), I used 3 parts water to 2 parts bleach. However, Clorox has recently begun...
  8. midwestchilehead

    Garden Tower Project

    Anyone using one of these? I've seen them all over Facebook, and they seem to have some advantages, but I'm wondering if anyone has used one and can give a real deal review.
  9. midwestchilehead

    Tower Garden

    I drank the Kool-aid and shelled out mega dollars for one of these big PVC contraptions. I'm trying my first winter grow in my basement, but I've never grown in hydroponics or aeroponics before, and wonder how long from germination you should wait before plugging a seedling into the...
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    Black Friday Sale!

    Take 25% off your order by using the coupon code "BlackFriday14" at through the end of November. Give the gift of seeds!
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    Midwest Chileheads 4th Anniversary Sale

    It's hard to believe we have been in business for 4 years now. As a thank you, we are having a 4th Anniversary sale. 40% when you use coupon code "MWCH4th" through March 3, 2014. Thanks! John
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    Are Aerogardens Worth the Money?

    I received a sale brouchure on these things, and know a few people here have and use them, but I've never seen a review or never seen anyone say if they are worth the money. So, should I get one?
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    Midwestchileheads Seed Collections

    Just in time for your 2014 grows, Midwestchileheads is offering seed collections. Check them out in the store at
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    MidwestChileheads Cyber Monday Sale

    It is time to order your seeds for 2014. We have a few new varieties that might interest you. To help you with seed acquisition, we are offering 40% for everything in our store for Cyber Monday. Enter the coupon code "cm13" for 40% off your order.
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    hot-sauce Red Hawk Premium Peppers Line of Sauces

    The first sauce of Dan's I tried is "Red Hawk Premium Peppers Grounds For Divorce Hot Garlic Sauce." This is the first of 5 bottles of Dan's sauce I bought. I cracked it open to try on a breakfast burrito. The bottle says the ingredients are "all natural from locally grown peppers. No...
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    Midwest Chileheads Has Superhot Seeds

    Midwest Chileheads has expanded its product lineup from specializing in New Mexico type seeds into a few superhot seeds. Watch for the 2012 catalog coming soon.
  17. midwestchilehead

    "Moruga Long" vs. Red Devil's Tongue

    I grew some seed from Peppermania marked "Moruga Long," but I can't find any information about that variety and they appear to me to be the same pods that other sites have listed as the Devil's Tongue Red. They appear to be an elongated hab and have wrinkles, but have a smooth, shiny skin...
  18. midwestchilehead


    Ok here is a sauce recipe. I made this last year and it was damn tasty. I skipped the bell peppers and used New Mexico Heritage 6-4s and Billy Goat Habaneros instead. It was a searing, but not overwhelming heat, and had great flavor. THICK & SWEET HOT SAUCE 8 oz red ripe bell pepper 2 lbs...
  19. midwestchilehead

    Where the he*% did spring go?

    I don't know how to paste in those nice pictures of weather forecasts like some other members, but I'm just wondering what happened to spring. Here in NE KS, we had a few nice days in April, then cool and rainy until last weekend. Then it was 97, 94, 96 and supposed to be 95 tomorrow, then...
  20. midwestchilehead

    Midwest Chilehead's 2011 Grow Log

    I know I'm late into the game, but with the encouragement of others, I decided to document for posterity my 2011 efforts. I don't have any pics of my annuum seedlings yet (which are still in the basement), but here are a few others that finally got to go outside and catch some rays. First my...