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  1. WarrantMan


    I'm in, DM sent... :cheers:
  2. WarrantMan

    5th Annual Secret Satan gift exchange.

    Yes! I'm in. International if needed.
  3. WarrantMan

    smoking Brisket on the WSM

    Looks killer! Glad to see you back. Been a long time indeed. Cheers! :cheers: Reggie
  4. WarrantMan

    Word Association Thread

  5. WarrantMan

    music Cover Songs

    the original....
  6. WarrantMan

    Funny pic of the day. Anyone?

    Props for Canadian spices!
  7. WarrantMan

    social Still Kicking 2.0

    Not my call, just happy to be in the game...
  8. WarrantMan

    social Still Kicking 2.0

    Was recently contacted by social media hot sauce personality...
  9. WarrantMan

    campaign Bottle-Fed Hot Sauce: Kickstarter Giveaway!

    James, Best of luck sir! (just now read the post) To quote a hackneyed cliché' "anything worth doing is usually not easy." Offer a good product at a decent price and you will eventually find success... There will be pitfalls, obstacles, but stay the course. Reggie
  10. WarrantMan

    music What Are You Listening To Right Now?

    MP, good jam!
  11. WarrantMan

    Hello from SC.

    Welcome from North Charleston! :cheers:
  12. WarrantMan

    labels Ingredients Label

    Not printing myself. Maybe good for hobbyists, but commercial much different. Many variables to consider. "Plain" paper (although cheap) warps and inks discolor, also has propensity to mold after "sweating." Adhesives are also affected by temp changes eg. refrigeration, condensation. So, you...
  13. WarrantMan

    labels Ingredients Label

    BartechSystems, I went with a three (3) inch wide x five (5) inches in length.
  14. WarrantMan

    Funny pic of the day. Anyone?

    Chinese General remembered not only for his land speed marching record, but incredible chicken recipe as well...
  15. WarrantMan

    music Mashups

  16. WarrantMan

    labels Ingredients Label

    Interesting. I naively believed it was more uniform across the states. Apparently not. I started my biz with a co-packer. (as SL mentioned) they did the work of submitting my sauces for the process letters. I was clueless in the beginning and have learned much along the way. Yes, there are...
  17. WarrantMan

    Word Association Thread