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  1. thebat

    sale TexasHotPeppers 2022 Black Friday/Cyber Monday Promotion

    Fantastic promotion. I couldn't help myself and ended up picking up more seeds than I probably should have. Maybe I'll have to give some to friends so they can try growing some next year as well.
  2. thebat

    shopping Any black friday/cyber monday sales coming up?

    Not sure if this is the right place to be asking about this or if it would belong in the classifieds section. Does anyone know if any seed vendors will be having a black friday/cyber monday special going on? I'm looking to stock up on some seeds for next spring season and a few to try and grow...
  3. thebat

    Back from a grow hiatus

    Hello from MN! I was active here about 10 years ago, had a glog with sprouts and talked with some members about growing mushrooms. I never updated my glog after I got some sprouts going, if I'm not mistaken many didn't survive. I had to move so I wasn't able to continue growing peppers, but I'm...
  4. thebat

    Anyone grown mushrooms?

    I actually started a grow log in this section. My transfer to a larger growing medium got contaminated though so I'm re-starting it now. I'll be updating it again now that the cakes have started to colonize.
  5. thebat

    fermenting My first mash

    I'm gonna let this sit til the 10th of may then crack it open and make some sauce! :) The bubbling has almost completely stopped and the water is clear above the mash. Only a small amount slipped by my seal I made but that's ok. I'll just scrape off the yeast and possible mold then whatever is...
  6. thebat

    Growing mushrooms

    You can buy spores online. I'd suggest first buying a kit from somewhere unlike what I did. I went and tried this myself since I like to do things on my own and without kits as much as possible. Just makes it all that more rewarding in the end for me :)
  7. thebat

    Chocolate dipped hot bacon

    Its quite good. Bacon makes everything better! :)
  8. thebat

    Growing mushrooms

    I'm a little upset. The log I bought only yielded about 1 flush, it was more like half a flush. I followed their instructions and yep... no good...
  9. thebat

    Growing mushrooms

    Some older pics from half my flush I guess.
  10. thebat

    Growing mushrooms

    But this one gets results faster! :D
  11. thebat

    Growing mushrooms

    I do have brf in the cakes, may not be organic but it is still in there. The temps aren't the best in my room for colonization though... My pleasure! :) Posession of spores is legal in Minnesota but colonizing and growing of mushrooms from those spores is highly illegal so I won't be doing that...
  12. thebat

    Growing mushrooms

    The jars look awesome! They're almost completely colonized on the outside of the BRF cakes and it is moving towards the bottom. In a week the whole cake should be colonized 100%. Then I can birth them and colonize some cardboard! :D
  13. thebat

    Growing mushrooms

    I've read that you can cut the stem of them into medallions and sautee them and they'll taste like scallops. Other than that I'm not too sure.
  14. thebat

    Thebats 2012 glog

    Got some new sprouts going! Actaully, not just some, but quite a lot of sprouts going... All my sprouts so far Brain strain, t-scorp, choc hab
  15. thebat

    Growing mushrooms

    I don't have room to grow a huge 3 foot log of straw. I wish I did though :) I plan on filling a laundry basket with sterile cardboard and colonizing that with a jar or maybe 2 jars. Then find another substrate to grow em on, thinking coffee grounds.
  16. thebat

    pests Pest Prevention

    Would you be able to deal with it with praying mantises? I find them to be really cool and fascinating and plan on getting some to keep in my garden to help prevent pests.
  17. thebat

    Growing mushrooms

  18. thebat

    favorite Favorite hot sauce

    I'll try and see if I can find one around here. Apparently there is one in Roseville. I'll have to pay a visit there sometime.
  19. thebat

    Growing mushrooms

    And all the jars are showing growth of mycelium! :D No cantams it looks like, so that is quite exciting for me :) I'm really excited for my king oysters.
  20. thebat

    Growing mushrooms

    Awesome, thanks! :) You can buy dowels for inoculation online for shiitake, oyster, etc. Just keep in mind when you go that route it takes 6 months to a year for signs of growth due to the nature of actually colonizing and fruiting on a log. The benefit to this though is that you can keep the...