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    fermenting Opinions on Suspicious Growth in Ferment

    Pardon the resurrection of an older post, but this is relevant. A couple of weeks ago, we started fermenting some peppers in jars, daily burping. One started to firm a white film. It’s likely Kahm, yeast, thanks to this forum. Still, it got skimmed off and it’s now doing a final ferment in the...
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    5th Annual Secret Satan gift exchange.

    I am actually looking forward to this. My wife thought it was a bad idea, but I think it will be fun. Obviously most people “online” don’t want their name and address given out to ship something to, but think about how many telemarketers and other spammers already have that info. Think junk...
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    pics What hot sauce are you using right now?

    several of us at work used to eat nasty microwave burritos. One friend / coworker and I used to share bottles of Valentina hot and extra hot for this purpose.
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    fertilizer Fert or nutrition question

    Just to interject, as an observation, not sure if it’s true or not, but it’s been my experience that to a degree, peppers like low quality soil. Too much fertilizer and they’ll grow beautiful plants, but little to no fruit. It’s as if they need to be stressed a bit to grow peppers.
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    5th Annual Secret Satan gift exchange.

    Count me in please
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    how do i make pure capsaicin crystals as hot as possible

    Why would you want to?
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    Make your best taco.

    This thread makes me feel like an amateur. Last night, I used some left over top round steak and cooked up some onions and peppers in adobo seasoning with some added garlic and cumin. Heated up the steak with a little Tamari seasoning. Made tacos with melted cheese and garnished with fresh lime...
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    fermenting Started my first ever ferment today.

    Not to necro-post but this thread is a good segue. Yesterday I processed up half a bushel of ripe habaneros, last of the season, and fermented them. Did one big quart jar, and I’m wondering if I over did the salt a bit because it didn’t burp as the smaller pints did. We shall see. Got one quart...
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    hot-sauce Scotch Bonnet hot sauce (disappointing)

    I tried some again. Definitely not habanero level heat, but more than most “hot” sauce.I was encouraged enough by the unique flavor to try starting some scotch bonnets this spring and see if my luck holds. Looking at a chart of Scoville units, the SB falls a bit beneat the hab so it might be...
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    Greetings from Argentina

    Greetings. The Cumbari sounds like an interesting pepper.
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    2022 - too early to get started...

    Ok, going off topic here but interesting (I think) none the less. When I was in college I had an older friend (30 yo) whose wife was a geologist. We’d make pizza on Saturdays and they made what they called an atomic pizza: anchovies, onions, sausage, and hot peppers. One time we got out the...
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    hot-sauce Scotch Bonnet hot sauce (disappointing)

    Yum, paw paw and papaya both sound like they’d make a good sauce addition. I don’t have any idea on which variety I might try at the moment. I think I will research and see about maybe starting some from seed in the early spring. The local garden store, where I bought this years plants from has...
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    movies Sci-Fi

    B5 was in my opinion, some of the best sci-fi written. “”Now that’s some really good corned beef”. Fans will get it. I started watching Stargate SG-1 and was surprised at the full frontal nudity scene, but not obscene, in the pilot. Guess cable tv went more adult, finally.
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    Grass Snake 🐍 in the garden

    Cool that you’re getting a aquaponics setup. Figs are good. We have a fig bush that is starting to produce nicely. In the fall, we get figs and I like this recipe I found where you slice them and warm them up on flatbread with apples, blue cheese, Parmesan cheese, and honey. Delicious.
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    hot-sauce Scotch Bonnet hot sauce (disappointing)

    At the store the other day, I picked up a bottle of so called Scotch Bonnet hot sauce. I found a link to the company, I believe, though you’ll need to scroll to page two to find the product: https://www.woodstock-foods.com/the-goods.html The label said it was less hot than their habanero sauce...
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    contest Most Bountiful Harvest! November 2022

    We picked the last of them on Sunday. Mostly one last bush with a few on a second. It got us an additional half bushel.
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    2022 - too early to get started...

    Did that, once. Ate a habanero and prepped it with my hands. Then nature called and I burned for an hour.
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    Hi from Perth down under!

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    scovilles Sorry, Scoville. Peppers deserve better than an archaic heat scale.

    Kind of what I was thinking. I’ve noticed there is an after effect to eating them.not necessarily hot coming out, but more or a general distress that leaves me saying, yup, I ate a good bit of X.