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    pests Stuck between a rock and a hard place (aphids)

    Not sure what to do. Some of my plants are being chewed upon by aphids but I have a slew of lady bugs, honey bees, and wasps that can't keep up. What are your suggestions? Do I blast the plants with pesticides and risk lack of pollination, let nature run its course, or just take a flame thrower...
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    consistency Use the strained pulp or toss it?

    If I have pulp, I dehydrate it then throw it in a blender with some coarse sea or Kosher salt and blend it. It makes a great seasoning salt!
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    color Whites Ghost pepper suggestions

    Awesome, I'll give it a try. Thanks!
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    color Whites Ghost pepper suggestions

    I've got a bunch of white ghost peppers, any suggestions on hot sauce flavors? I want to keep the sauce white
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    fermenting Adding new pepper mash to 2 week old mash

    Thanks all, I went ahead and added the mash and mixed it well since the first was still bubbling away. I have cheese cloth and a pebble with new brine added to the top so oxygen incursion isn't  concern. Results in 6 months!
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    fermenting Adding new pepper mash to 2 week old mash

    any thoughts on adding fresh mash to a mash that is already kicking and is 2 weeks old? Since I ferment for a minimum of 6 months I don't see a downside, but would like to hear thoughts good, bad, or indiffernt. Thanks!
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    Howdy, I'm boring!

    I'm boring, just like to burn my face with my peppers.