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  1. pallottahot

    Who Do You Use To Ship

    Curious as to what company many on here use to ship their products (USPS, UPS, Fedex...). I offer a flat shipping fee of 6 bucks on any order, but lately I have been killed on shipping costs. I like offering a flat shipping rate and dont want to hammer the customer with high shipping costs, but...
  2. pallottahot

    Where to get Oak Casks

    Just wondering if anyone can recommend a good oak cask at a reasonable price for aging a mash. I saw some on Amazon but after reading the reviews, I'm perplexed.
  3. pallottahot

    bottles-jars Shipping boxes for 5oz Woozy Bottles

    Hi. I am twisting my head trying to find a company that supplies shipping boxes for woozy bottles. Uline has them but not with the separate cardboard inserts to separate the bottles. Doesnt anyone have any recommendations?    Attached is what i am looking for.