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  1. southcarolina

    seeds The Little Seedling That Could

    Last winter my wife's co worker gave her a packet of jalapeno seeds. And it sat on our kitchen counter for a couple of months. Round about April I got a wild hair and planted a few of them. Now here I should tell you up until that point I had never planted anything. I had no idea what I was...
  2. southcarolina

    Did I Leave These Habaneros On The Plant Too Long?

    Is that even a thing? Hello. N00b gardener here in central South Carolina. On a whim I planted some Habaneros (among other things) back in May. Despite me knowing next to nothing about gardening, I somehow kept them alive all summer. In fact the habanero plants in particular seemed to be...
  3. southcarolina


    Hello. Jeff from SC here.   I Kind of stumbled across an article about fermenting hot sauce a year or so ago and around the same time someone suggested that i needed a hobby. Started reading about the process and found this place.  Lurked here for months. Finally last week i bit the bullet and...