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    seeds Will plants from old seeds grow slower than fresh ones?

    I need everybody to wish me luck as next week, I'll be attempting to sprout some seeds from 2015 as well as some from 2012.  Back in 2019, I had a hard time with the 2015 batch, but managed to get a few started after a hydrogen peroxide/water soak.  I can't use the one that I tried to grow out...
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    When to start growing in Florida?

    I'm moving to Palm Beach County, Florida in February.  That is USDA zone 10b.  I'm used to the crappy growing conditions of New York City and Eastern Long Island, and am not sure when to start in Florida.   Do seasons even matter in South Florida, or are there some seasonal genetics built into...
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    water Self watering system for bucket growing

    I'd like to grow one plant in a five gallon Home Depot paint bucket.  The problem is that I go away too often in the summer and may not always find somebody to water if needed.  What are some recommended  (I'll consider all options, but don't want the throw a lot of money at this) self watering...
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    Dragon49's 2019 Grow Log

    I started to sow a month ago and finally have something to show for it.  Here is the story before I get to the pictures:   Back in 2014, I got to enjoy the exquisite flavor and perfect heat of a Pimenta de Neyde x Bhut Jolokia - F6 Open Pollinated. I saved some seeds and grew it out the...
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    I need your prayers!

    I refuse to start my 2019 GLOG until I see evidence of phototropism, but wanted to show this and ask for help:   With seeds planted in soil, after more than a month in soil, no sprouts have come up.  With a second batch -  after being treated to a twenty-four hour 1/9 hydrogen peroxide to water...
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    seeds Any way I can sprout these old seeds?

    I'm trying to sprout some of my Pimenta de Neyde x Bhut Jolokia (F8) - possibly crossed with a Yellow 7 pot seeds.  It's been three weeks and nothing.  I tried both soil and the wet paper towel (both sealed and unsealed) method.  Zero for fourteen so far!  The problem is that the seeds are from...
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    breeding What are the odds that I'll get a cross?

    A few years ago, I grew two varieties in buckets:   1 - Pimenta de Neyde X Bhut Jolokia 2 - Yellow 7 Pot     The buckets were outside and literally right next to each other.   I collected seeds from around 70 different ripe PDN pods; each pod's seeds in a separately labeled Ziploc.   The Pimenta...
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    snack-food U.S. source for the world's hottest corn chips

    I've taken the Paqui one chip challenge :     This had excellent heat, but wasn't deadly.   I now see that some Australian companies have a competing product:    ...
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    hot-sauce Does this infused oil have capsaicin extract?

    A friend of mine brought me this from Portugal:   Piri-piri com Azeite Extra-Forte -  infused oil.   It was much hotter than I imagined it would be.  I tasted what appeared to be the distinct flavor of capsaicin extract and it is going through me like hot sauce with capsaicin extract.  The...
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    Excellent grow in 100% composted Manure

    I don't have the energy to keep up with a non-Chile Pepper grow log, but wanted to share my success in growing Cucumbers and Tomatoes in 100% composted manure—no soil at all.     I don't remember the type of manure, but am reasonably sure it was Cow manure.  I don't remember the NPK, but it was...
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    Looking for a Deep Fryer

    I need some recommendations here.  This will be used mostly for fish.  It would have to be big enough to handle any "lunkers" that I catch.  I generally don't fillet.  I just cut the heads off, gut and scale.  I'm guessing it's unlikely that I'll ever have anything more than 15 inches—most...
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    Dragon49's 2018 Grow Log

    I’m not growing a lot this year.  I ordered six Superchile plants from CCN.  These always grow well in my garden which doesn’t have an ideal lighting situation:    
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    Dragon49's 1017 Grow Log

    The year is almost over, but here is my 2017 Grow Log:   I want to thank the people who started and are maintaining the cooking and fishing threads, as without them, I wouldn’t be doing anything at all here.    I haven’t grown anything indoors or on my balcony since 2015, and this year’s main...
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    2017 Hot Sauce - Batch #2

    This is the same recipe that I used in the last batch, except the peppers were different types:   7 7 Pot Douglah Peppers 7 Yellow Scotch Bonnet Peppers 1 Pint of Blueberries 1 Banana  4 Tablespoons Maple Syrup 1 Tablespoon Kosher Salt 2 Limes 4 Tablespoons of Concentrated Lemon Juice   I threw...
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    pickling My 7 Jars of Pickles

    I recently made 7 jars of pickles.  I let them soak in the brine for 30 days before reviewing.  They all shared the same base brine:   7 cups of distilled white vinegar 3 cups of water 8 tablespoons of kosher salt 4 tablespoons of cane sugar     Here are my reviews:     Batch #1 - I Added a lot...
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    My First Batch of the Year

    I've had these frozen pods in my freezer since the early fall of 2015. I used them up to make a delicious hot sauce: Ingredients:   14 Yellow 7 Pot Peppers 2 Chocolate Ghost Peppers 1 Pint of Blueberries 1 Banana  4 Tablespoons Maple Syrup 1 Tablespoon Kosher Salt 2 Limes 4 Tablespoons of...
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    How long to cook frozen Blue Crabs?

    I have some vacuum sealed frozen Blue Crabs.  I'd like to cook them by just throwing the bags in a pot of boiling water, without bothering to defrost them.     1 - How long will it take to cook them?   2 - Is there any good reason to take them out of the bags first?
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    Is this a poisonous manchineel apple tree?

    I saw this tree in upstate New York and was wondering whether these were edible apples, but I just saw a facebook article about about poisonous plants, and this looks like pictures of a Manchineel Tree. Have I found something evil, or are these a different, edible species?  I suspect these are...
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    Please identify

    My local nursery sold this with a label that read, "Pimentas de table Hot Fajita."   What is it really?   The pods look like Cubanelles to me.  
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    Anybody selling live Super Chile plants now?

    Cross Country Nursery is sold out for the season.