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  1. MiLK_MaN

    Interspecies grafting with chillies

    So for the last year and a bit, I've been trying different types of chilli grafts onto a plant called the Devils Fig (Solanum Torvum), and I'm finally starting to get somewhere.   The key seems to be patience... if you take the plastic wrap off even after 2-3 months, the thing just ends up...
  2. MiLK_MaN

    Fused flowers

    Has anyone ever seen fused flowers on a chilli plant before? I've seen fused stems but never fused flowers until I found it in my garden today.
  3. MiLK_MaN

    Sandpaper and coconuts?

    I know what you're thinking, whats sandpaper got to do with coconuts??   I found a company called Australian Coconuts that sourced 5 different coconuts for me and sent via post down to Melbourne.   I've been trying to sprout the coconuts for a while, and they've been in a plastic bag for at...
  4. MiLK_MaN

    MiLK_MaN's 2014 garden bed experiment

    Howdy all,   Plan on doing something different this year and try growing directly into garden bed so tap root can go down as far as possible....   In previous years, all my seeds have been started indoors, grown in small pots until last frost and then unleashed in the garden beds. This year I've...
  5. MiLK_MaN

    chinense Asian Birdseye x Bhut Jolokia?

    I have a garden bed full of Bhut Jolokias, ranging from some 2 year old plants to some ones grown this season from my own seed stock. I was watering the garden beds this morning, and noticed some extremely small pods on one of the plants. I know if you get pollination on some of these very...
  6. MiLK_MaN

    Garden bed top up - what to use

    Hi all, Need to top my garden beds up again this winter, they've sunk to about half the height of the garden bed again from last year. I started off these garden beds a few years back, and used the no-dig technique where you layer some newspapers to smother the grass/weeds you lay the bed on...
  7. MiLK_MaN

    MiLK_MaN grow season 2011/2012

    Another year.... Last year I used garden beds for the first time, growth was phenomenal, not so good with the pods. I'm going to put this down to having too much chicken manure and also having the plants too close together. This year, I am aiming for 10 plants per bed versus the 18 I went with...
  8. MiLK_MaN


    What is Y.A.P.I.T. you ask? Yet Another Pepper Identification Thread! My neighbour brought a pod over to me, and I actually don't know what it is. He was hoping that I could grow some for him, but he can only get the unripened pods at the markets which of course are no use to me for growing.
  9. MiLK_MaN

    seeds Germinated seedlings in jiffy pellets -> straight into ground?

    Not sure if this question has been asked, but has anyone germinated seedlings in jiffy pellets and put them straight into the ground/pot when the cotyledon appears? I've put 4 x Asian Birdseye which just popped their heads in my germination chamber and thought if I put them straight outside in...
  10. MiLK_MaN

    Built a vortex compost brewer

    I was searching the net the other day for compost brewers, and found a company in the U.S. that talks about a Vortex Compost Brewer. Ended up finding a video, you can see it here. Anyway, I looked at it, and thought that can't be hard. So I bought a 44 gallon plastic barrel for $20, a 45W air...
  11. MiLK_MaN


    Question: Do Locusts like chilli plants? I just drove through some big ass plagues that are about 2 hours west of Melbourne. As we get quite a few northerly winds, they are likely to be pushed down to Melbourne. Anything I can do other than cover all the plants with netting? I've seen the odd...
  12. MiLK_MaN

    Food Mill/Mouli

    Does anyone use a Food Mill or Mouli for their sauces? Normally I just deseed my peppers, but try and retain as much placenta as possible. This can be a right royal pain in the ass if you are continually doing it, so I'm looking for what I can use to help. When making sauces, I generally throw...
  13. MiLK_MaN

    What a slut of a flower

    Look at her, legs in the air, available for any bee to just go deep inside her to find some of that love pollen.
  14. MiLK_MaN

    Cacao - The food of the Gods

    This year I decided to branch out and grow a whole heap of different things, including plants that aren't really suited to our dry climate here in Melbourne, AUS. While I managed to get some banana and coffee seedlings which are now planted outside, I had troubles finding some cacao plants and...
  15. MiLK_MaN

    Finally time to prepare the front garden

    Finally I've had time to mow the front lawn and pot up some plants for this grow season. As mentioned in some other threads, I've finally built some garden beds in the front yard made of a plastic called ewood. Check out the Close The Loop website to read a little bit about it. Here's some...
  16. MiLK_MaN

    Can you use a wheelie bin as a plant pot?

    Simple question, can you use a wheelie bin as a plant pot? How easy would it be having a pot on wheels that you could move around. I'm trying to think of ideas for a pot for two banana plants I just bought, and was thinking a 120 litre wheelie bin would be ideal.
  17. MiLK_MaN

    I can't stop growing things!

    I can't stop buying new plants. If I go to Bunnings (big retail chain of hardware + garden) to buy something like a new drill bit or plant labels, I nearly always come home with a new plant. Here's what I'm currently growing in my front yard: - 1 x Blueberry - 1 x Raspberry - 1 x...
  18. MiLK_MaN

    Doh, running out of space already

    Pictures say it all really ;) 45 seedlings in 100mm pots + germination of 30 peat pellets in plastic container. Another 12 seedlings in 100mm pots + I think another 25 peat pellets that have already germinated Another 48 seedlings in 100mm pots (some are plants cut down from last season...
  19. MiLK_MaN

    Built a new grow box

    So we travelled 750 kms over the weekend to visit the father in law, and he's pretty handy with tools, so I asked if we could build a grow box so I could take it home. I had won a LED light on ebay, but hadn't realised how long the fixture actually was until after I had won the auction. 153cms...
  20. MiLK_MaN

    Are you as "green" as me?

    I drove 60 kms last night to pick up a compost bin I won on Ebay called the Earthmaker. This got me thinking, is anyone as crazy about worm farming and composting as I am? I now own 3 compost bins, 3 worm farms and 2 bokashi bins. I will also be getting 200 kgs of sheep manure for $20 tomorrow...