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    annuum What is the best tasting annuum ?

    Hard to pick only one. So many are essential to the cuisines of the world.
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    chinense 7 pot brain strain yellow, Scotch brain or Trinidad scorpion moruga yellow?

    I used to think that yellow, red, and orange bell peppers from the grocery store tasted distinctly different. I told someone this. She challenged me to a blind taste test - and I guessed the colors wrong.
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    cuisines Your Top 5 Cuisines!

    Ethiopian Trinidadian American Indian Mediterranean
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    Curry peppers 2022

    Had some colder days earlier in the year compared to last year. Didn’t bother to bring the plants inside on the early cold nights since I already have more peppers in the freezer than I can eat in a year. Plants survived but with minimal production over the last month or so. Today marks the...
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    vendor CaribbeanGardenSeed

    Has anyone had a good experience with this vendor? They have lots of negative reviews, and they seem to be using photographs stolen from other websites, but they offer unique products - including multiple varieties of hard to find fresh pepper pods and herbs.
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    wanted Looking for St Lucia seasoning pepper seeds

    That vendor has numerous bad reviews and seems to use images from other websites. Many of the reviews question if they are a scam or just highly incompetent. Note that the St Lucia Seasoning photograph has been cropped and is now used on carribeangarden. Identical photo with...
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    wanted Looking for St Lucia seasoning pepper seeds

    I am looking for St Lucia Seasoning pepper seeds. I am most interested in the yellow variety. I see these available from several international vendors, but I do not see anyone currently selling them in the US. I am hesitant to order international since I read here that it is no longer...
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    hybrid Are all superhots hybrids?

    Maybe the evidence is circumstantial. - Ghost pepper had existed for a long time in India. - Only after ghost pepper seeds became common outside of India - about 20 years ago - other superhot varieties were developed.
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    hybrid Are all superhots hybrids? I found this article helpful. They define superhot as 1 million scoville or higher. The history chapter of the article seems to imply that all of todays superhots descend from the ghost pepper. What confuses me is in the list on the wiki...
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    hybrid Are all superhots hybrids?

    I think the Red Savina is just another habanero rather than a superhot.
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    hybrid Are all superhots hybrids?

    The ghost pepper is said to be hybrid chinense and frutescens. Are all superhots hybrids? Do all superhots descend from the ghost pepper?
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    chinense Is there a favored Mexican orange habanero?

    Now I’m curious to hear your full top 10 list.
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    favorite You Favorite Red "Habanero"

    Foodarama red, as others have reported, has a bitter flavor. Does not taste at all like a yellow scotch bonnet. Flavor is not bad, but not a favorite. I had issues with congo red fully ripening before turning soft. Flavor was excellent - and also excellent while still green or half green...
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    Curry peppers 2022

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    baccatum Soapy Baccatum Taste

    Tasted the aji Amarillo last night. Pepper was larger and thicker walled than I expected. Flavor was good, sweet, fruity, simple. Didn’t get any soapy flavor at all with it. It was good by itself and good tossed in with a bowl of food. The bag was marked PRODUCT OF PERU. Others have...
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    baccatum Soapy Baccatum Taste

    I found bags of frozen aji Amarillo at a Mexican grocery yesterday. They also had frozen rocoto. I passed on the rocoto and bought the aji Amarillo. An exciting find for the Midwest. This should save me time and money compared to growing them myself. I’m excited to try these - they seem...
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    Curry peppers 2022

    picked some sugar rush stripey, and made a hot sauce this morning.
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    recipe-help Just Peachy

    It might be fun to do sugar rush peach with peaches.
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    baccatum Soapy Baccatum Taste

    Has anyone experienced the soapy flavor in fully cooked baccatum peppers?
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    baccatum Soapy Baccatum Taste

    I noticed the description of sugar rush peach at "The small plants produce loads of thin walled peach colored pods with a unique flavor. Crude C. baccatum do not taste well, so the pods must be dried or cooked to develope the excellent flavour" Any thoughts on that...