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    Funny pic of the day. Anyone?

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    seeds Too late to germinate?

    I'd think that you still have plenty of time left, especially being in Texas. I’m up in Connecticut and still haven’t sown all of my C. Chinense seeds yet (although I will next week). My “cutoff date” for sowing seeds and actually seeing ripe pods (from C. Chinense) is probably around mid-late...
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    misc "Hatch" chiles

    There must be a lot of salt in that soil ;) :rofl:
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    MikeUSMC 2023 GLOG

    That’s exactly what I was thinking 👍🏻
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    cooking I got a smoker!

    @Siv and @Downriver, mulberry is a great choice for smoking pods! It’s a nice fruit wood, but slightly milder than apple wood. I’ve even used it on ribs 👍🏻 Siv, I find hickory to be a pretty “strong” and pungent wood to use on peppers, although it’s not bad if you use it in moderation. I...
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    MikeUSMC 2023 GLOG

    They’d have to be the orange Manzano and a Yellow SB (either MoA or TFM), @Downriver, but a Chocolate SB is pretty high up on my list too! This will be my first year growing the “Bahamian Beast” too. All I know about it is that (I think) it’s a cross between a B. Goat and an unknown red...
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    Funny pic of the day. Anyone?

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    misc Fallacy or fact?

    I think I finished it though, @Grass Snake! :rofl:
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    misc Fallacy or fact?

    Thread 'The Not Pepper Awards 2018 WINNERS!' :cheers: :drunk: :beer:
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    MikeUSMC 2023 GLOG

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    thoroughburro 2023, kith and kitchen

    Bahamian Goat is an outstanding pepper. It absolutely lives up to the hype. I remember the first time I bit into one like it was yesterday. They’re as sweet as candy (to me). Definitely in my top 3 favorites (for flavor) of all time 👍🏻 Great list! Best of luck this season 🍻
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    MikeUSMC 2023 GLOG

    No way I could possibly let that happen 4 years in a row, right? 👀 :rofl:
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    If You Have Ghosts You Have Everything - 2023

    Sorry to hear about your troubles, @JGBaxter59. Wishing you a much better year this year! :pray: When I was getting my 2023 seed list together (during an internet search), I stumbled across the “Sunset Peach Scotch Bonnet” from Tyler Farms and it really piqued my curiosity. I’ve grown the CGN...
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    Calling all Cast Iron Chefs

    I don’t know much about cast iron cooking but, I’ve slowly been accumulating pieces of cookware over the last few years. So far, all Lodge stuff, minus the BGE little sauce pot. I just cleaned up and reseasoned all of my stuff this morning, and now I’ve really got the urge to do some surf and...
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    Funny pic of the day. Anyone?

  16. MikeUSMC

    Funny pic of the day. Anyone?

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    Hellfire Farm 2023

    That list of plants still blows my mind! 😳 Best of luck this year! :metal: Do you sell (and ship) boxes of pods at the end of the season?
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    Canedog Offseason Season 2022/23

    Plants look great, @CaneDog!
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    flavor Tasting the different chiilis

    @spicefreak ?
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    MikeUSMC: "Bury Me in Smoke"

    🔥FIREBALL SWINEAPPLE KEBABS🔥 Soak the chopped pineapple overnight in Fireball whiskey, then rub it with a combination of brown sugar, turbinado sugar and cinnamon. Cube the pork belly (1.5” cubes) and hit with a BBQ rub then smoke them (on a wire rack) for about 3 hours at 250°F. Move pork...